In Bosnia and Herzegovina, is charged part of the A1 motorway section in front of Sarajevo. The tolls from drivers of motorcycles, cars and vehicles over 3.5 tons collected at toll gates according to the driven section. Payment of toll fees can be made in convertible Marka, euro or credit card. Current price list tolls for all vehicle categories, map plotting the toll gates and other driver information can be found below on this page.

Indicative prices toll in Bosnia and Herzegovina

section/ categoryIIIIIIIV
Kakanj - Jošanica (celý placený úsek A1)4,20 BAM8,40 BAM12,50 BAM16,70 BAM
Kakanj - Podlugovi3,00 BAM6,00 BAM8,90 BAM11,90 BAM
Kakanj - Visoko2,00 BAM4,00 BAM5,90 BAM7,90 BAM
Kakanj - Papratnica0,60 BAM1,20 BAM1,80 BAM2,40 BAM
Kakanj - Ćatići0,40 BAM0,70 BAM1,10 BAM1,40 BAM
Visoko - Jošanica2,20 BAM4,40 BAM6,60 BAM8,80 BAM
Visoko - Podlugovi1,00 BAM2,00 BAM3,00 BAM4,00 BAM
Podlugovi - Jošanica1,20 BAM2,40 BAM3,60 BAM4,80 BAM

Data taken from official pricelist. Tollgates are for clarity on the map.

Vehicle categories

vehiclemotorcycles and vehicles up to 3,5t with heighrt up to 1,3m over first axlesvehicles up to 3,5t with height over 1,3 over first axlevehicles over 3,5t with height up to 1,3 over first axlevehicles over 3,5t with height over 1,3m over first axle

Information about toll

Speed limits

  • Highway max. 100/130 Km/h
  • Outside town obec max. 80 Km/h
  • In town max. 50 Km/h
  • With trailer/TIR max. 80 Km/h

Toll payment methods

When passing through the toll gate at the beginning of a paid section you will be issued with a magnetic card which will be under when leaving the paid sections of the calculated amount of toll fees. Tolls can pay conventional methods, in cash in local currency (convertible marka, BAM), in euros or credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Diners Club. For those who are traveling through the toll motorways often is a possibility to use electronic equipment for automatic toll payment ACC Tag.

System for automatic toll payment

In Bosnia and Herzegovina can pay tolls also through automatic electronic device that operates on the principle used in almost all of Europe. When passing through the toll gates in your vehicle is identified by the device to be mounted on the windshield of the vehicle. According traveled sections are then billed. Official website of this device, unfortunately, do not provide much information, so if you are interested in registering ACC Tag recommend either contact information line on 080 02 03 06, send an email request to info [a] or request more information on any of the toll gates.

Exempt from tolls for persons with disabilities

Vehicles transporting persons with more than 60% - 80% physical disability rules will apply for exemption from the payment of tolls. For more information on this issue, however official website do not provide, therefore, if you are interested in using this rule, we recommend that you contact the information line 033 56 27 00 or 080 02 03 06

Information for drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

For drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tons applies when paying tolls same rules as drivers of motorcycles and cars. The various categories of vehicles are not only divided according to their weight, but also the height of the vehicle above the first axle. A table listing the categories of vehicles to determine prices, see the price list of toll charging zones.

Map of roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tollgates on the map are indicated by arrows.


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