In Portugal, tolls, as well as in the neighboring Spain, collected from drivers of motorcycles, cars and trucks and buses in the toll gates. Toll payment can be made using prepaid coupons Toll and Toll Card Service, another option payment system EasyToll working in cooperation with Credit Card Master Card and Visa. For those who cross the Portuguese highway passes more often ready automatic payment system Via Verde. We hope you find the information contained herein will help facilitate orientation in the prices of tolls in Portugal.

Price list of selected sections in Portugal

Lagos - Vila Real de St. Antonio€ 11,60€ 20,50€ 22,65€ 29,15A 22
Guardo – Alcanena€ 19,30€ 33,85€ 43,35€ 48,35A 23
Aveiro – Almeida (Guarda)€ 15,65€ 27,20€ 34,90€ 39,00A 25
Porto – Aveiro€ 4,65€ 8,20€ 10,15€ 11,75A 25 + A 29
Caminha (Viana Do Castelo) – Porto€ 4,30€ 7,45€ 9,65€ 10,70A 28
Viseu – Chaves€ 14,00€ 24,70€ 31,80€ 35,25A 28
Lousada – Maia€ 3,85€ 6,65€ 8,80€ 9,70A 41 + A 42

Vehicles category

vehiclemotorcycles and vehicles with 2 axles and height over first axle up to 1,1mvehicles with 2 axles and height over first axle over 1,1mvehicles with 3 axles and height over first axle over 1,1mvehicles with 4 axles

Information about toll

Speed limits

  • Highway 120 Km/h
  • Outside town 90/100 Km/h
  • In town 50 Km/h
  • With trailer/TIR 70/80 Km/h

Toll payment methods

At Portuguese motorways can toll payment done in several ways, Unfortunately you can not pay the exact amount in cash. For drivers traveling through paid motorway sections are ready systems Easy Toll, Toll Card, Toll Service and Via Verde Visitors.

Especially for tourists is designed Toll Card system, which are pre-paid coupons worth 5, 10, 20 and € 40 for a few selected sections can also use the system Toll Service, voucher worth € 20 and unlimited 3-day validity.

Another payment option Portuguese toll EasyToll, it is a system in which the tolls for toll roads crossed automatically deducted from a linked credit cards are Visa and Mastercard. Last of payment systems is an automatic Via Verde, a wireless electronic device allowing the passage of the charging zones without stopping the vehicle at the toll gate.

Discounts for persons with reduced mobility

On the official website we could not find way to ask for a discount on the Portugal toll. If you have different information, please share them via comments below.

Information for drivers of vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes

For drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tons, the same rules as drivers of motorcycles and cars up to 3.5 tonnes. Maps of the charging zones, including the prices for the different categories of vehicles, visit Approximate prices of selected sections in table on the top of the page.

Map of roads in Portugal


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0 # Laura Sewell 2016-05-20 18:35
While we were on holiday in the algarve our son decided to go to fatima for the day by car with his family as they are very religious and wanted to visit this very holey place. We were astonished to get a bill on our credit card for €69 for the journey. This seems very expensive for one day. We have tolls in Ireland but they wouldn't be more than a few euros. We are big supporters of portugal and like to help your economy but this would make me rethink for again. Kind regards. Laura Sewell 3cnd2

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