Motorway toll Kazakhstan - information on toll collection, toll roads map

Tolls are paid for four motorways around the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty. Motorways are divided into several toll parts, on which the registration number of the vehicle is recorded during transit and tolls are paid at the gate at the end of the toll motorway. If you leave the motorway outside the toll gate, the fee is charged the next time you pass the toll gate. It is possible to pay in cash in local currency or through a prepaid service with a discounted price for cars. Start of toll collection on several thousand km of motorways is scheduled by the end of 2021.

Indicative toll prices for motorways in Kazakhstan

motorway / vehicle
A1: Nur-Sultan - Schuchinsk
211 km
400 ₸
A3: Almaty - Kapshagay
42 km
200 ₸
AH5: Almaty - Khorgos
295 km
600 ₸
M36: Nur-Sultan - Temirtau
134 km
400 ₸

The listed prices are for payment in cash. Price list for individual segments, prepaid service and trucks at

Map of the Kazakh motorway network


Toll motorways are highlighted on the map. An extension of the toll collection for other motorways is planned until the end of 2021.

last updated on 10.3.2021

Frequently asked questions about toll in Kazakhstan

How are motorways charged in Kazakhstan?

As of the beginning of 2021, 682 km of motorways are charged in the country, and several thousand km of motorways are planned to be charged by the end of 2021. Toll payment works on the basis of a system that records vehicle passages through toll segments and the fee is collected at the toll gate at the end of the toll motorway. If the vehicle exits the motorway before the toll gate, the toll is charged on the next pass or can be paid via the Internet.

How is the toll price determined?

The toll price is determined according to the segments on which the passage of vehicles is recorded by a camera system and the toll gate is subsequently charged according to the segments passed.

Several price levels are set for passenger cars. The highest is for cash payment for an unregistered vehicle, half the toll price can be obtained by vehicles using the prepaid payment and vehicles registered in the given region. For passenger cars, it is also possible to buy a 365 days subscription for 1000 〒 for unlimited use of one toll motorway.

What are the toll payment options?

Tolls can be paid by cash at the toll gate at the end of the toll motorway, by prepayment at one of the payment intermediaries, by an on-board unit or RFID chip with a subscription for the selected motorway.

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