Motorway tolls and vignettes in Europe

Overview of motorway charging methods and information on the toll collection for all European countries. Information is also available on an interactive map. For easier planning of a foreign journey, it is possible to use an overview of fuel prices in Europe and a map with an overview of the traffic situation.

Overview of countries by toll collection method

Several different methods are used to collect tolls. Fees are levied via a classic or electronic vignette, or at toll gates directly on the motorway or near toll bridges or tunnels. The following charging methods are used in Europe to charge roads for vehicles with a maximum authorised weight of up to 3.5 t.

46 countries on
12 with vignette, 16 with toll gates, 8 only toll bridges and tunnels, 10 free of charge

Development of fuel prices in Europe

You can plan your foreign journey more easily with an overview of petrol, diesel and LPG prices for The European Union's member countries. Fuel prices for selected countries can be read from a time-line graph or from a table showing weekly updated prices for the entire European Union. Prices for all countries are in euros as well as in local currency.

Information on the traffic situation in Europe

An overview of the current traffic situation, including its display on three different maps, provides an overview of the traffic situation on In addition to an overview of the traffic situation for the whole of Europe and places with reduced traffic, the page provides an overview of sources for obtaining additional information such as planned closures and reconstruction of motorways for each country separately.

Highway toll in Europe

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Fuel prices in Europe

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