Information about visitors data processing

When you view website, cookies are stored in your browser and some JavaScript files are retrieved from external sources. Services that use this site and are related to the security of user information, i.e. cookies, ip address and browser fingerprint, can be found in the overview below.

Google Ads

Google's advertising system designed to display ads on the site. You can turn off the personalization of ads directly on the page. Turning off the personalization of ads will not disable cookies, for block them I recommend to use the functions of the browser.

opt_ cookies

Cookies in which the settings from this page and the status of the information bar from the top of the pages are stored. These are functional cookies and it is not possible to block this cookies to ensure that they are logged out of the above options. The validity opt_ cookies is 365 days.

cookies that cannot be rejected through this site, you can delete or block them directly in your browser

Retrieving data from external sources

To provide some functionality of this website, javascripts and some other data are loaded from external sources:

  • - Javascript advertising system Google AdSense
  • - Javascript for chart rendering Google Charts
  • - Javascript for ReCaptcha - antispam form protection
  • - Javascript to display TomTom Maps with traffic information
  • - Javascript for Google Maps with traffic information
  • - Javascript for Bing Maps with traffic information

Site visitors' information, ip address and browser information are used only to create traffic statistics and are not passed on to third parties. In addition to the author of the site, this data may also be accessed by the hosting provider in non-standard cases.
The information and data collected by site traffic are used for monitoring the traffic on the site, checking the functionality and planning of further development of the site, which is carried out only by its author.

website author: Tomáš Čondl, 17.9.2020

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