Overview of discounts on toll for zero-emission vehicles

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Countries with discount on toll for low-emission vehicles

Czech Republic

Exemption from payment of tolls for vehicles up to 3.5 tons with electric power, hydrogen or hybrid propulsion with CO2 emissions of up to 50 g/km. Discounted price category with a 50% discount on vignettes for vehicles powered by natural gas and biomethane. info: edalnice.cz


Discounted prices of up to 75% on tolls for low-emission vehicles (Low Emissions Vehicle Toll Incentive). info: etoll.ie


Advantaged toll price categories for zero-emission vehicles and hybrids. info: autopass.no


Free tolls for electric cars on the M3, M4, M11 motorways. Vehicles must be electrically powered only and equipped with an on-board unit with a registered category of electric vehicle. This is a test run until 31.12.2023. In the future, it is likely to be extended to the M1, M12 and Moscow Central Ring Road. info: unitoll.ru

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