Motorway toll United Arab Emirates - information on toll collection, toll gates

Tolls are paid in the UAE for the passage of some highways, bridges and tunnels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Toll payment is made in each city via a different system, in Abu Dhabi, the passages through the toll gate are monitored via the vehicle registration plate and a charged Darb account is enough for payment. For payment in Dubai, in addition to recharging the credit, you need to place a Salik chip sticker on the windshield, the sticker can be picked up at one of the petrol stations or ordered online.

Toll payment in United Arab Emirates

The toll is deducted from the prepaid account when passing through the toll gate.

Abu Dhabi - recognition of the vehicle in the toll gate by license plate

  • - registration in toll system Darb 100 AED, 50 AED registration + 50 AED credit
  • - for vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi, the account is created automatically
  • - toll 4 AED when passing through the toll gate, payment of tolls from prepaid credit
  • - toll charged only during peak hours Sat - Thu 7am - 9am and 5pm - 7pm
  • - outside the time above, on Fridays and public holidays tolls are free of charge
  • - the account can be used for multiple vehicles
  • - fee limits for the first registered vehicle are 16 AED/day and 200 AED/month

Dubai - recognition of the vehicle in the toll gate by chip sticker

  • - registration in toll system Salik 100 AED, 50 AED registration + 50 AED credit
  • - registration of vehicles registered abroad at one of the Emarat, ADNOC, ENOC or EPPCO petrol stations
  • - chip sticker can be ordered online or picked up at one of the petrol stations
  • - after passing through the toll gate without credit, it is necessary to top up and pay the amount additionally
  • - toll 4 AED when passing through the toll gate, payment of tolls from prepaid credit

Map of the motorway network in UAE


Tolls of AED 4 are collected at toll gates marked on the map.

Toll gates in Abu Dhabi and Al Maktoum Bridge are free of charge during off-peak hours.

last updated on 1.12.2021

Frequently asked questions about motorway tolls in the UAE

How do I pay tolls in the UAE?

Tolls are paid for some bridges, tunnels and highways in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Tolls are collected through a system that senses the passage of vehicles through toll gates and the 4 AED transit fee is subsequently charged from the prepaid account registered to the vehicle. In Abu Dhabi, the vehicle registration plate is used to identify the vehicle at the toll gate, in Dubai a chip sticker must be put on the windshield of the vehicle. The location of the Toll Gates is indicated on the map above.

How are the categories of vehicles for determining the toll price divided?

In the United Arab Emirates, a single toll of AED 4 per toll gate applies to all categories of vehicles. In Abu Dhabi, tolls are charged only during rush hour from 7am to 9am and from 5pm to 7pm, with a charging exemption for motorcycles in the city. In Dubai, in addition to the Al Maktoum Bridge, the passage of toll gates is charged throughout the day.

What should I do if I go through toll gates without registering in the toll system?

If you use toll motorways without registering the vehicle in the toll system, you need to make additional vehicle registration and pay the toll additionally. Procedure for the supplement for the use of toll motorways for Abu Dhabi a Dubai.

Are there any exceptions for exemption from toll payment?

The possibility to benefit from toll exemptions varies from city to city, and applies primarily to emergency vehicles, defence forces, persons with disabilities and retired persons. Tolls in Abu Dhabi are free for motorcycles. In some cases, exemptions also apply from the obligation to register, in some cases an exemption must be requested. Information for Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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