Motorway toll Thailand - information on toll collection, charged motorways

Tolls are paid in Thailand for motorways in the capital and for highways 7, 9 and 34 south and east of Bangkok. The longest toll highway no.7 connects Bangkok with Pattaya and Map Ta Phut in the south-eastern part of Thailand. Tolls are paid in cash at toll gates or via the M-Pass or Easy-Pass on-board unit. A test operation of the M-Flow toll system will take place at several gates from 2021, the system allows smooth passage with automatic payment according to the vehicle registration plate number.

Information on toll payment in Thailand

Toll collection for motorways in the capital Bangkok Expressway and motorways 7, 9 and 34.

  • - toll payment at toll gates
  • - payment in cash in the amount of the toll price
  • - possibility of payment via on-board unit M-Pass, EasyPass
  • - information about toll roads and

Preparation of the M-Flow toll system without barriers

  • - recognition of vehicles by license plate
  • - overview of account balance via a mobile app. or the Internet
  • - information on Multi-Lane Free Flow system at

Map of the Thai motorway network

Tolls are collected on the Bangkok Expressway, highways 9, 34 and 7, which run from Bangkok towards Pattaya and Map Ta Phut.
last updated on 17.3.2021

Frequently asked questions about motorway tolls in Thailand

Which motorways in Thailand are charged?

Tolls in Thailand are paid for the passage of the main city's motorway network, the Bangkok Expressway, highways 9 and 34, which lie on the southern and eastern edges of Bangkok, and highway 7, which connects Bangkok with Pattaya and Map Ta Phut. Prices for the passage of toll gates in Bangkok can be found at and for highway 7 and 9 at

What are the toll payment options?

Tolls are collected at toll gates, where they are paid in cash, preferably in the exact amount of the toll price. M-Pass and EasyPass on-board units can be used for payment at all toll gates.

Is there a toll for motorcycles in Thailand?

Scooters and small motorcycles are prohibited on many motorways and toll roads in Thailand. It is advisable to study in detail the motorcycle regulations for planned trip. The price lists show toll prices only for vehicles with four or more wheels.

How will payment via the M-Flow toll system work?

The M-Flow toll system recognizes vehicle registration plates and allows smooth passage of toll gates. A preview of the balance of the M-Flow account will be available via a mobile app or the Internet. The start of the trial operation is planned for several toll gates on the Bangkok Expressway for 2021.

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