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Tolls in Malaysia are paid for most motorways and expressways, including those in the capital Kuala Lumpur, bridges to Penang Island and the SMART tunnel. Tolls are paid cashless at toll gates via the Touch 'n Go system, with which it is possible to pay with a TnG card or an RFID TnG chip sticker. The categories of vehicles for determining the price of tolls are listed in the price lists, the lowest category is for passenger cars, for motorcycles is the passage of motorways free of charge.

Information on toll collecting in Malaysia

Tolls are paid cashless using the Touch 'n Go payment system.

Payment at toll gates via Touch 'n Go

  • - payment by Touch 'n Go card or TnG RFID chip
  • - deduction of the toll price from the prepaid credit or from the eWallet connected via PayDirect
  • - breakdown of toll gates with payment options on
  • - points of sale of TnG cards at TnG stalls, at some petrol stations and near toll gates

Payment at toll gates via SmartTag

SmartTag on-board units are no longer in distribution and there is a gradual transition to payments via Touch 'n Go. Device support for existing SmartTag users on

Determination of the toll price

To determine the price of the toll, it is possible to use the motorway pages listed below the map, the toll price list page, or the calculator for each toll road separately.

Map of the Malaysian motorway network


In Malaysia are tolled motorways, most expresways, two bridges to Penang island and SMART tunnel.

For determining a toll price for a motorway you can use a calculator for individual roads or a price lists page.

Tolls for bridges and tunnels

bridge - tunnel / vehicle
Penang Bridge
RM 5.74
Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge
RM 5.74
SMART Tunnel
RM 3.00

Toll motorways in Malaysia outside Kuala Lumpur

motorway / vehicle
AH2: E1/E2/E6: Jitra (TH/MY) - Perling (Johor Bahru)
North South Expressway
823 km
RM 88.63
E3: Tanjung Kupang (SG/MY) - Lima Kedai
Johor Bahru
47 km
RM 9.33
E8: Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Terengganu
East Coast Expressway
415 km
E15: Kubang Semang - Lunas
18 km
E17: Perai Lama - Bagan Ajam
19 km
E22: Senai - Penawar
Johor Bahru
77 km
RM 13.50
E29: Lukut - Mambau
Port Dickson
23 km

Toll motorways in and around Kuala Lumpur

motorway / vehicle
E5: Kota Kemuning - Awan Besar
35 km
E7: Cheras - Kajang
12 km
E9: Mines - Loke Yew
29 km
E10: Pantai Dalam - PJS5 (Kampung Ghandi)
20 km
E11: Penchala - Puchong Selatan
40 km
E12: Dato Keramat
8 km
E13: Bulatan Selangor - Sri Muda
15 km
E18: Sungai Long - Sungai Ramal
37 km
E20: Putrajaya - Salak Selatan
26 km
E21: Kajang Selatan - Ampangan North
44 km
E25: Ijok - Taman Rimba Templer
33 km
E26: Pulau Indah - Ayer Itam
52 km
E30: Klang - Bukit Raja
18 km
E33: Segambut - Air Panas
18 km
E35: Rawang Selatan - Bukit Jelutong
25 km
E37: Salak South - Sungai Besi
11 km
last updated on 18.3.2021

Frequently asked questions about motorway tolls in Malaysia

How does the collection of motorway charges work in Malaysia?

Tolls for motorways, expressways, bridges to Penang Island and the SMART drainage and road tunnel in KL are paid cashless at toll gates. A Touch 'n Go card or RFID sticker can be used for payment.

Where to get a Touch 'n Go card for toll payment?

Touch 'n Go cards are very readily available in Malaysia and can be purchased at Touch 'n Go booths, some petrol stations, contract vendors and near toll gates from toll collecting companies. An overview of sales points can be viewed on the map. The price of the TnG card is RM 10 and RM 35 for TnG RFID chip.

How do I know the price category of a vehicle?

An overview of vehicle categories is given in the toll price lists. The lowest price category is set for passenger cars. For motorcycles is the passage of toll gates free of charge. To facilitate passage, side lane for the passage of a single-track vehicle are build at some gates.

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