Website were created to provide a complete overview of prices and highway road sections linguistically accessible for the majority of the population in Europe. They are designed both for those who are looking for prices vignettes for the coming year, and for those who are with the car going on holiday abroad and need to get an overview of the prices of motorway tolls outside the Czech Republic.

Information on these pages try to keep constantly up to date, but considering the fact that the information contained herein is constantly changing, we give all users the ability to communicate their findings regarding the toll in Europe through the comments of individual countries.

When obtaining information about tolls in individual countries, we used several sites listed below. Unfortunately, we have to say that compared to the original expectations of us in collecting information did not help Wikipedia to the information we have, rather than complement it drew.

Besides the official presentation of individual countries in which you will find links to the website of the State helped us especially following pages.