Motorway toll Spain - information about toll collection, toll roads map

Tolls are paid for the passage of major motorway routes across the country and are collected at toll gates on motorways. Toll for the passage of motorways is set for all motor vehicles, i.e. motorcycles. Tolls can be paid in cash or by credit card at toll gates, via the Via-t on-board unit and in some places also by the Awai mobile app. Tolls for vehicles over 3.5 t are collected in the same way as for passenger cars.

Information on tolls in Spain

Tolls are collected for the passage of some motorways and tunnels. Toll collection in Spain is provided by several different companies.

Charging through toll gates - payment when passing the gate

  • - charging for certain motorways and tunnels
  • - tolls are paid for all categories of vehicles, including motorcycles
  • - payment in cash, payment and fuel cards or on-board unit
  • - on some motorways belonging to Abertis it is possible to pay by Awai app
  • - a map of toll roads is listed on Via-T

Tunnels with toll collection

In the south-eastern part of Spain, there are two toll tunnels, the Túnel de Vallvidrera near Barcelona and the Túnel del Cadí near Andorra. The tunnels are part of toll motorways, so tolls can be paid manually at toll gates or via the Via-T system.

tunnel / vehicle
Túnel del Cadí
€ 10.86
€ 13.48
Túneles de Vallvidrera
€ 3.80
€ 4.88

Tolls for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t

Tolls for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t are levied in the same way as for vehicles weighing less than 3.5 t. It can be paid with the help of the Via-t toll unit, cash and a payment or refueling card. For some days in Spain, traffic restrictions apply to certain vehicles, an overview of these restrictions can be found on Restricciones a la circulación page at

Map of the Spanish motorway network


Tolls are collected on several motorways, a map of toll roads can be found on

last updated on 5.3.2023

Frequently asked questions about toll in Spain

On which highways are tolls collected?

Tolls are levied for the passage of major motorways and several tunnels that are part of toll motorways. Maps of toll highways can be viewed on .

How can tolls be paid in Spain?

Motorway charges can be paid directly at toll gates by manual payment, i.e. by cash or credit card (accepted cards are not specified at, on-board toll unit Via-t and in some places also by mobile app Awai.

Is it possible to get some toll discounts?

On some motorways it is possible to get up to 100% discount on tolls. The amount of possible discount differs according to the toll system operator, the method of payment and the amount of passages. Discount options are listed on the websites of toll system operators, see. Via-T map.

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