Fee for passage of motorways in Spain is charged when passing the toll gate. The price paid for the passage of road sections is derived according to the length of time and great maneuverability vehicle category, no need to buy a vignette. In addition to the charges for highway and transit of certain road sections is charged for the passage of several tunnels. In the case of Spain are driving more often, you can use a payment system Via-T which allows the passage of toll gates without stopping and discounts according to the monthly spending for the passage of time. For more information, including links to the official website can be found below on this page.

Tunnels toll

In Spain, in addition to motorway sections also charged passage of some tunnels. The most frequent paid tunnels are Tunel del Cadi and Tunels de Vallvidrera. Prices for individual vehicle categories can be found in the table below.

Price transit tunnels

tunel/vehicle motorcycles
passenger cars, vans up to 9 points with max. four wheels up to 3.5t and said vehicles with single axle trailer two-axle trucks and buses with max. four wheels the vehicle is greater than in the previous categories website
Tunel del Cadi € 9,73 € 12,08€ 26,36€ 31,61tunelsbarcelonacadi.cat
Tunels de Vallvidrera *€ 3,38 /€ 3,01€ 4,34/€ 3,86€ 6,83/€ 6,07€ 9,06/€ 8,06tunelsbarcelonacadi.cat

* prices peak / off-peak

* vehicles categories are indicative only, recomend to visit website link for more info

Options of toll payment

When passing through the Spanish motorway sections tolls are levied at toll gates, it can be paid either in cash, credit cards and Shell Card in some cases.

For those who have crossed over toll roads more frequently is ready cashless toll system Via-T, in addition to the automatic counting traveled toll allows the passage of toll gates without stopping the vehicle and automatically applies discounts from tolls frequently used sections.

Payment System Via-t

Via-T is a system that enables automatic meter traveled toll sections without having to stop when passing through the toll gate (must slow down to 30 km / h). Evidence for the passage of individual sections of the possibility of payments then refer to the online system, e-billing and e-receipt. Additional information, including sales offices can be found on viat.es or customer line +34 902 200 320.

Discounts for persons with reduced mobility are probably not offered

The official website failed to trace any forms or information for people with limited mobility. In Spain and persons with reduced mobility are unlikely to have the opportunity to ask for a discount on toll fees.

Toll for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

Tolls for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are collected in the same manner as for vehicles up to 3.5 tons. Price for passage toll is derived from the vehicle category. Drivers who frequently crossed highway sections may use the toll system Via-T. Distribution vehicle categories including prices for the passage highways can be found on the autopistas.com.

Spain road map


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