Motorway toll Serbia - information about toll collection, toll road map

Toll fees in Serbia are collected at toll gates on motorways and can be paid with cash in local currency Serbian dinar, euro, credit card, ETC on-board unit or prepaid card given for the selected segment. Toll roads include motorways connecting parts of the country with the capital Belgrade. The toll payment obligation for the use of motorways applies to all motor vehicles from motorcycles to vehicles with a maximum authorised mass of more than 3,5 t. A map of all toll motorways in the country is shown below on the page.

Indicative toll prices

motorway / vehicle
A1: Beograd (Vrčin) - Presevo
354 km
750 din
1490 din
A1: Beograd (Stara Pazova) - Subotica (RS/HU)
132 km
320 din
640 din
A1, A4: Beograd (Vrčin) - Dimitrovgrad (RS/BG)
301 km
660 din
1310 din
A2: Beograd (Obrenovac) - Cacak (Preljina)
93 km
220 din
430 din
A3: Beograd (Simanovci) - Sid (RS/HR)
76 km
210 din
420 din

The toll is collected at toll gates on toll motorways.

The price for a planned journey can be determined using the calculator at the

Payment via ETC on-board unit

For regular users, an electronic payment system with an on-board ETC unit is designed to facilitate payment and smooth passage through toll gates, which can be used in both prepaid and postpaid mode. When paying via ETC in prepaid mode, it is possible to get 4% to 8% discount according to the pre-charged amount. The price of the on-board unit is 2022 din. Information on the ETC system and a list of distribution points can be found at

Map of the Serbian motorway network


The map shows motorways with toll collection, a map with the location of toll gates is available at the

last updated on 5.3.2023

Frequently asked questions about toll in Serbia

On which roads in Serbia is tolls levied?

Tolls are levied for the passage of all motorways, i.e. A1, A2, A3 and A4. These are the roads that connect the different parts of the country with the capital Belgrade. A map of Serbia with drawn toll roads can be viewed above on this page.

What are the options for paying motorway charges?

Highway charges are collected at toll gates and can be paid with cash in local currency Serbian dinar, euro, credit card, ETC system with on-board unit or with the help of a monthly or annual card designed for a predetermined route. Prices for all toll roads and detailed information on payment methods can be viewed at

How do I find out the price category of a vehicle?

In addition to motorcycles, vehicle price categories are divided according to the height of the vehicle above the first axle, the total height of the vehicle, the number of axles and the maximum permitted mass. A sketch for easy identification of the vehicle category is given in the toll price list.

In what cases can exemption from toll payment be obtained?

People with disabilities in some cases have the possibility to obtain a permit to use motorways without paying tolls. A certificate issued by one of the institutions mentioned in the terms and conditions is required for the application.

Persons living in the municipalities of Mladenovac, Sopot and Grocka near Belgrade have the opportunity to apply for a City Ticket, which allows them to use toll highways free of charge at their place of residence.

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