Motorway toll Norway - information on toll collection, payment options

Tolls are levied for the passage of some roads, tunnels and bridges. Payment based on invoicing according to the statement from the on-board unit with AutoPass system or according to the registration number of the vehicle photographed when passing through the toll gate. Motorcycles have free passage in addition to the undersea Atlanterhavstunnelen, for vehicles over 3.5 t is the AutoPass on-board unit mandatory. For vehicles registered abroad it is necessary to register to Environmental differentiation for correct vehicle classification, an overview of passages without an on-board unit can be tracked on the EPC plc website.

Indicative toll prices

motorway / vehicle
E6: Oslo - Fredrikstad
90 km
kr 20
E18: Oslo - Kristiansand
318 km
kr 64
E16, 7, E16: Oslo - Bergen
462 km
kr 333
E6, 3, E6: Oslo - Trondheim
496 km
kr 165
3, E6, E8: Oslo - Tromsø
1616 km
kr 305

The toll price for your route can be determined with the help of the route planner

Options for payment of tolls in Norway

Tolls are charged according to the toll gates passed through. The AutoPass on-board unit can be used to identify the vehicle. When passing through the gate without the on-board unit, the vehicle is photographed and the toll invoice is sent to the owner's address.

AutoPass - payment via on-board unit

  • - deposit of kr 200 per on-board unit, compatibility with BroBizz and ØresundBizz on-board units
  • - EasyGo portability with the possibility to pay tolls throughout Scandinavia and for vehicles over 3.5 t in Austria
  • - possibility to use the unit for payment of ferries via AutoPASS for ferry
  • - overview of the passages of toll roads at
  • - on-board unit mandatory for all vehicles over 3.5 t
  • - discount on tolls of 20% for passenger cars at most toll gates
  • - discounts for zero-emission vehicles
  • - payment on the basis of invoices

Without on-board unit - invoicing of tolls according to the photographed registration plate

  • - photographs of the vehicle and registration plate when passing through the toll gate
  • - the invoice is sent to the address of the owner of the vehicle

Payment of tolls for vehicles registered abroad

  • - registration at the for environmental differentiation
  • - optional registration to Euro Parking Collection plc for a preview of billing and photos from toll gates
  • - the toll invoice will come via EPC plc or to the address of the vehicle owner
  • - for stays longer than 2 months the AutoPass unit is recommended

Information on payment options can be viewed at on the pages payment and visitors payment.

Map of the Norwegian motorway network


Motorways and most expressways are charged. A map of toll gates locations can be viewed at

last updated on 30.1.2021

Frequently asked questions about toll in Norway

How is tolls collected in Norway?

Tolls for toll roads, bridges and tunnels are counted when passing through the toll gate, when the vehicle is identified by the AutoPass on-board unit or by the vehicle's registration plate. An invoice is subsequently issued for the toll amount, which is sent via the AutoPass portal, EPC plc or to the address of the vehicle owner.

How do I find out the price category of the vehicle?

Vehicles are divided into several categories to determine the price of tolls. The first category is intended for vehicles up to 3,5 t and all vehicles of category M1. The second category is intended for vehicles weighing more than 3,5 t, except vehicles of category M1. These two categories are further divided according to the environmental impact, according to the engine unit, or the emission class of the vehicle.

Is it possible to get a toll discount for a zero-emission vehicle?

The breakdown of vehicles according to the "Environmental differentiation" rule also includes categories for zero-emission and hybrid vehicles. Based on the classification can be obtained up to 100% discount for these vehicles at some toll gates. The condition for obtaining a discount is payment via the on-board unit and the AutoPass system. An overview of available discounts can be found on websites of toll gate operators from links in the price list.

In which cases can toll roads be used free of charge?

Motorcycles, some emergency vehicles, public transport vehicles and, on some roads, drivers with reduced mobility may use roads without paying tolls. The exact wording of the rules can be viewed on the exemptions page.

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