In Norway, tolls for crossing the toll road sections collected via the Autopass units and On-Board Unit. For drivers of cars from abroad who on Norwegian roads will move less time, less than three months, is ready Visitors Payment contract that works on the principle přednabitého account via credit card. Motorcycles have a passage of all road sections for free. More information about payment methods, including links to official sites and maps to the charging zones can be found below on this page.

Payment of tolls

Payment toll in Norway is only cashless either through the Visitors Payment contract which is intended mainly for foreign tourists, or through the system Autopass unit with On-Board Unit. More information about the two payment options you can find on website

Automatic payment system AutoPASS

If you do not reside in Norway for more than 3 months then you do not take the unit OnBoard unit, simply use the so called AutoPASS Visitors' Payment. Toll payment is then carried through registred credit card, from that in the first toll gate entrained deposit 300 NOK (1000 NOK for vehilces weighting over 3,5t) and when passing each other gate subtracting a fee (your vehicle will be photographing for documentation). If the deposit during your stay in Norway is full, it is necessary to recharge your account. In case the embedded deposit exhausted, you will be up to 85 days from the recharge balance returned to the bank account account. The toll for stretch Svinesundforbindelsen and Atlanterhavstunnelen be paid on the spot.

The second option is the use of additional payments (EPC). On the basis that you will your address be sent an invoice for the traveled portions. Tolls for traveled sections may be within a few days also pay online and on site If you travel with a rented car, it must be registred in the system EPC. In places Svinesundforbindelsen and Atlanterhavstunnelen it is necessary to pay a toll on the spot. More information can be found on

If in Norway are going with the car for a long period, or the country you visit frequently, then it is suitable for automatic tracking traveled toll sections use AutoPASS system with On-Board unit. The unit is on loan to deposit 200 NOK to some of the centers that should occur near the toll gates or gas stations. Payment is via toll invoice that is issued pursuant you traveled toll road sections.

Discount for persons with reduced mobility

On the official website of the Norwegian toll system Autopass we could not trace any way to ask for a discount on tolls for people with limited mobility. In case you have different information, please share them via comments.

Information for drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

For drivers of trucks and buses weighing over 3.5 tonnes pay for toll payment, similar rules as car drivers. The only difference is in the price of tolls individual sections and in the case of Visitors Payment contract in the amount of the deposit, that's for vehicles over 3.5 tons 1000 NOK.

Norway road map


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