Motorway toll Bosnia and Herzegovina - toll collection, toll roads map

Tolls are levied for the passage of part of the A1 motorway, the main tolled section is 70 km of motorway which connecting the capital Sarajevo with the surrounding towns. In addition to the toll A1 around Sarajevo, there is a charge of several km of A1 near the border with Croatia. Payment is made at the toll gates by cash, credit card or ACC on-board unit. Motorcycles and passenger cars with a height of up to 1.3 m above the first axle are classified in the lowest price category. Tolls for vehicles above 3.5 t shall be paid in the same way as for passenger cars.

Indicative toll prices

motorway / vehicle
motorcycles, cars
vehicles up to 3,5 t
with height above the front axle above 1,3 m
or with trailer weighing above 850 kg
A1: Svilaj (HR/BA) - Odžak
8 km
1.20 KM
2.50 KM
A1: Sarajevo Sjever - Zenica Sjever
60 km
7.00 KM
14.00 KM
A1: Sarajevo Zapad - Tarčin
16 km
2.50 KM
5.00 KM
A1: Međugorje - Ljubuški (BA/HR)
7 km
1.20 KM
2.50 KM

The price list for all vehicle categories and the list of toll roads is available on

Toll roads are highlighted in the map below

Toll collection in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • - tolled motorway A1, see map below
  • - collection of charges at toll gates
  • - payment options: cash in local currency, euros, credit card, via ACC on-board unit
  • - the category of vehicles up to 3,5t is determined by the height of 1,3m above the first axle and the number of seats (up to/over 5 persons)
  • - motorcycles belong to the same price category as cars

Toll payment with ACC on-board unit

For regular users of the A1 motorway, the ACC - Autoceste Card toll system is prepared for easier payment and smooth passage through the toll gates. It is a prepaid payment system with an ACC Tag on-board unit, to which a 20% bonus is applied on credit top-up. The ACC on-board unit can be purchased for 39 KM at one of the points of sale.

Map of motorway network in the Bosnia and Herzegovina


Toll roads are highlighted on the map. The price list of toll roads can be downloaded as pdf from

last updated on 21.1.2024

Frequently asked questions about toll in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Which roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina are tolled?

The toll is collected for the passage of some parts of the A1 motorway, two parts around the capital Sarajevo and a few km in the south of the country near the border with Croatia. Toll motorways are marked on the map above.

What are the toll payment options?

Tolls can be paid directly at toll gates in local currency, euros, payment card or with the help of the on-board unit and ACC payment system.

What are the advantages of the ACC on-board unit?

The on-board unit and the ACC toll payment system allow smooth passage through the toll gate without stopping. The on-board unit is designed primarily for regular users, can only be used for one vehicle and acts as a prepaid service in which a 20% bonus is credited when recharged. Information on the ACC system can be found on the page electronic toll collection ACC. The unit can be purchased for 39 KM at one of the points of sale.

In what cases is it possible to apply for exemption from toll payment?

In addition to some government vehicles and some vehicles designed to assist citizens, such as ambulances or firefighters, owners of vehicles belongs to first price category with an 80% or more restriction on mobility or a 60% or more restriction on lower limb mobility have the possibility to applying for exemption from charging. The exact wording of the regulations and the application form can be viewed on the page who is exempt from toll charges?

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