While passing through Bulgaria, you can not miss the motorway mark, but from 2019 onwards you can buy online an electronic mark for the motorways and some 1st - 3rd class roads. Highway stamps in Bulgaria are designed for cars up to 3.5t, but also for trucks over 3.5t and buses. From truck drivers and vehicles with more than 8 seats, road tax is levied according to the official site at border crossings. In addition to motorways and roads, some tunnels and bridges pass through.

Bulgarian e-vignette 2020 prices

validity/categoryvehicles up to 3,5ttrailers for vehicles
with GCWR of vehicle train
over 3,5t
vehicles over 3,5t and up to 12t
vehicles over 12t
1 day--23 BGN23 BGN
weekend*10 BGN10 BGN40 - 53 BGN67 - 87 BGN
week15 BGN15 BGN80 - 105 BGN134 - 174 BGN
month30 BGN30 BGN--
quarter54 BGN54 BGN--
anual97 BGN97 BGN--

* valid from friday 12pm to sunday 11:59pm

prices, vehicle categories a online purchase on official website web.bgtoll.bg

Fees for crossing bridges and ferries

In Bulgaria, in addition to road user charges in the form of toll stickers have collected a fee for crossing some bridges and transport vehicles using the ferry (ferry). These are places at the border crossing with Romania. A list of these segments, including indicative prices for cars up to 3.5 tons (could be transported and trucks) is shown in the table.

Indicative prices for ferries and bridges crossing

bridge/ferrymotorcyclesvehicles up to 3,5tvehicles up to 3,5t with trailer
Giurgiu - Ruse (bridge to RO)for free-€ 6,00
Silistra - Kalarash (ferry to RO)€ 3,00€ 7,00€ 25,00
Vidin - Kalafat (bridge to RO)?€ 6,00€ 6,00
Oriahovo - Beket (ferry to RO)€ 3,00€ 12,00€ 40,00
Nikopol - Turnu Magurele (ferry to RO)€ 2,00€ 12,00€ 32,00
Svishtov - Zimnicea (ferry BG - RO)€ 3,00€ 4,00*€ 8,00

* price for cars with max. 5 seats

Where to buy Bulgarian vignette?

In Bulgaria, since 2019 there is a system of electronic toll stamps, so the Bulgarian motorway mark is the easiest to buy online. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase the vignette online or you do not know the exact date before traveling, of course you can buy an electronic stamp at one of the points of sale.

Exemption from payment for persons with reduced mobility

The official website failed to trace the opportunity to claim a rebate of tolls for those with limited mobility, even for people living in the territory of Bulgaria or foreigners.

Road tax for vehicles weighing over 3,5t or with more than 8 seats

If you are going to Bulgaria with a lorry, bus or car, with more than 8 seats, it is likely that you will be the border crossing in addition to payment for the vignette still required fee for road tax. For more information of road tax for trucks and vehicles please visit aebtri.com.

Bulgaria road map

Among the tolled sections in Bulgaria is not only highways, but some roads 1st-3rd class too.


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# Peter 2017-03-03 10:13
I crossed bridge from Ruse to Giurgiu by car last week (Feb 2017), it costs 4 BGN (~2EUR)
# Bai Tosho 2017-02-09 15:28
Can anyone please tell me if one requires a vignette for less than a day transit travel?
Last September(2016) about half an hour after crossing the border on the Sofia-Sandanski highway I was stopped and the policeman demanded a vignette. Since the site shows no charges for one day I hadn't bought one thinking that it was unnecessary as I was in transit(traveling for less than 3 hours between border posts). The policeman INSISTED that I had to have one.
# Tomáš 2017-02-10 18:11
Bulgarian highway vignette is necessary on all highways and some 1. - 3. class roads.

+1 # Jeremy Dyde 2016-01-28 15:50
Check your prices, there has been a considerable increase for 2016.
# Tomáš 2016-02-01 19:03
thank you, it was prices from aebtri.com on this website. I made an update.
# Marius 2015-06-25 12:49
Dear all,

I am in Greece now and I must return Sunday in Romania via Bulgaria and I will cross border from Makaza. Because Makaza is new and small cross border point, I don't find information if I can buy vignette for Bulgaria in Makaza cross border point.
Can somebody help me before Sunday with this information?
# Tom 2015-06-25 17:01
I am sorry but I don't know and didn't find anything about vignette selling point at Makaza. You can try ask on the official website ( http://bit.ly/1LxmLok ).