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For vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t are charged not only motorways and expressways are but also most lower-class roads. On all these roads it is mandatory to have a valid vignette for a vehicle up to 3,5 t with at least four wheels. Vignettes are sold with a validity period of weekend, week, month, quarter and year and can be purchased in electronic form on the website, via a mobile application and at regular points of sale. On the border with Romania there are charged bridges and ferries across the Danube River in several places. For vehicles with a total weight of more than 3.5 t is designed the BG Toll system for toll payment.

Prices of vignettes for Bulgaria for 2021

validity / vehicle
vehicles up to 3,5 t
trailer for vehicles up to 3,5 t
with overal weight of set of vehicles over 3,5 t
10.00 лв.
(sat, sun)
10.00 лв.
(sat, sun)
15.00 лв.
(7 days)
15.00 лв.
(7 days)
30.00 лв.
30.00 лв.
54.00 лв.
(3 months)
54.00 лв.
(3 months)
97.00 лв.
97.00 лв.

Sale of e-vignettes at, via mobile application, in self-service terminals and at contract sellers.

Bridges and ferries across the Danube

At the border between Bulgaria and Romania in the north of the country, toll bridges and ferries run across the Danube in several places. Bridges and indicative toll prices are listed in the table and on the map at the bottom of the page.

bridge / vehicle
Calafat - Vidin (RO/BG)
€ 6
Giurgiu - Rousse (RO/BG)
€ 3

Prices for other categories and information on ferries Bechet - Oreahovo, Calarasi - Silistra and Zimnicea - Svishtov at, and

BG Toll system for vehicles over 3.5 t

For vehicles with a total weight of more than 3.5 t is designed the BG Toll system for the payment of motorway toll. For drivers who use the Bulgarian road network only for a short time is intended a prepaid Route pass. Route pass can be bought online as well as e-vignette for vehicles up to 3.5 t, for the acquisition of toll units you need to visit some of the distribution points.

Map of the Bulgarian motorway network


Motorways are highlighted on the map, the vignette is mandatory on not only motorways, but also on most roads of lower classes.

The list of toll roads in Bulgarian can be found at

last updated on 9.1.2021

Frequently asked questions about vignettes for Bulgaria

Is a motorway vignette mandatory in Bulgaria?

The road map on which the vignette is compulsory in Bulgaria is not currently available, but the list of toll roads shows that the vignette is mandatory not only on motorways and expressways, but also on most lower-class roads. The list of roads with a mandatory vignette is available in Bulgarian at

Which vignette to buy for a motorcycle?

The vignette is mandatory for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t with at least four wheels, so the motorcycle can be ridded on Bulgarian roads without a vignette. The exemption from payment for vehicles with less than four wheels is mentioned on the FAQ at in the information on vehicles exempted from payment obligations.

What vignette to buy for a trailer?

For a trailer towed by a vehicle up to 3,5 t, a vignette shall be compulsory only if the total mass of the vehicle combination exceeds 3,5 t. When driving a vehicle up to 3,5 t with a trailer and a total mass of more than 3,5 t, a valid mark must also be valid for the trailer. Vignettes for the trailer are on sale at the same price as for a vehicle up to 3.5 t.

Where to buy a Bulgarian motorway vignette?

Vignettes for Bulgaria are sold in electronic form as e-vignettes and can be purchased online on the website, via a mobile app from Google Play or the App Store, in self-service terminals, BG Toll branches and at contract sellers. The list of points of sale can be viewed on the Registers page at

Is it possible to verify the validity of the e-vignette?

The validity of the electronic stamp can be verified by the vehicle license plate number on the website.

Are there any exceptions for the possibility of driving without a vignette?

Vehicles with fewer than four wheels can drive without a vignette, as can tractors and some other vehicles used in agriculture. The exemption also applies to vehicles of the Ministry of Interior, State Security, Armed Forces and Emergency Services. The exemption from the payment of motorway charges also applies to some persons with disabilities and families with children with permanent disabilities. In cases of disability persons is the annual e-vignette provided free of charge. The exact wording of the exceptions can be found on the FAQ at

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