Motorway vignette Lithuania - e-vignettes for N1 to N3, M2 and M3 vehicles

Vignettes are compulsory for vehicles intended for the carriage of goods belonging to categories N1 to N3 and for vehicles intended for the transport of more than 8 persons belonging to categories M2 and M3. Having a valid e-vignette for a vehicle from these categories is mandatory for driving on all motorways in the country. Vignettes are sold with validities of 1 day, 7 days, month and year. The vignette is tied to the registration number of the vehicle and, in addition to the usual points of sale, it can also be purchased over the Internet.

Road vignettes in Lithuania

  • - road charges for vehicles of categories: M2, M3, N1, N2, N3
  • - charges are paid by e-vignette
  • - vignette prices are determining by vehicle category, EURO class and number of axles (up to 3 or more)
  • - validity of vignettes 1 day, 7 days, 1 month and year
  • - vignette price list and online purchase on

Map of the Lithuanian motorway network


The map highlights motorways where vignettes are mandatory for vehicles intended for the transport of goods and more than 8 persons.

last updated on 11.3.2024

Frequently asked questions about vignettes for Lithuania

For which vehicles are vignettes mandatory in Lithuania?

Vehicles belonging to categories N1, N2, N3, M2 and M3 shall have a valid vignette on motorways. These are vehicles designed for the transport of goods or more than 8 persons. The vignette for these vehicles is mandatory on the entire highway network in the country. Vehicles belonging to category M1 can use lithuanian motorways free of charge.

What are the lengths of validity of the vignettes?

Vignettes for vehicles of categories N1 to N3 and M2, M3 are on sale with validity periods of 1 day, 7 days, month and year. The effective date of the stamp can be selected at the time of purchase. The expected expiry date and verification of the validity of the existing mark can be done at

Where can I buy a vignette for Lithuania?

Vignettes for Lithuania are distributed in electronic form as e-vignette and can be purchased online via or at usual points of sale such as petrol stations.

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