Motorway toll Albania - information about toll collection

Tolls are levied on the A1 Rruga e Kombit motorway, which runs west from the Kosovo border towards the capital Tirana. Charges are levied for all vehicle categories, including motorcycles. There is currently only one toll gate on the 130 km motorway located near the Kalimash tunnel, 34 km from the border with Kosovo. It is possible to pay in cash, by credit card or via Digitalpass OBU with up to 40% discount for regular users.

Toll prices in Albania

motorway / vehicle
A1: Rruga e Kombit: Milot - Morinë
128 km
€ 2.50
€ 5.00

Toll collection on the A1 motorway takes place at a toll gate near the Kalimash Tunnel.

Prices for other vehicle categories are listed on

Map of the Albanian motorway network


Tolls on the A1 motorway are paid at Kalimash toll gate west of the Drin River.

last updated on 21.1.2024

Frequently asked questions about toll in Albania

How do I pay tolls for motorways in Albania?

Charges are collected only on the A1 motorway, which runs eastwards from the west of the country to the border with Kosovo. Charging takes place at the toll gate between Kukës and Kalimash tunnel.

What are the toll payment options?

Fees can be paid at the toll gate in cash, by credit card or via the Digitalpass system. A discounted toll rate of 100 lek is set for the inhabitants of Kukës.

How does the Digipass automatic payment system work?

An automatic payment system with On-Board unit (3500 LEK) that allows regular users of toll motorways to get a discount on tolls. For detailed information, see

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