In Belarus, both for motorcycles and cars and trucks charged the passage of several highways leading Belarus. From the drivers of vehicles from abroad is in addition to the toll at the border crossing points selected still road tax, its amount is derived from the category of vehicle and length of stay on the territory of Belarus. In July 2013, has been running the system for automatic toll BelToll and subsequently charged the passage of other motorway sections.

Road tax

Since the drivers of vehicles registered abroad, traveling through the territory of Belarus may be levied at the border crossing road tax. The amount of road tax is derived according to the length of continuous residence with a car on the territory of Belarus ($15 per week in Belarus with the car). For more information on this topic can be found at

How to pay toll in Belarus?

Tolls are collected at toll gates in cash and advance to the section (in the first toll gate). Since drivers from Belarus in local currency Belarusian ruble and the drivers from abroad in dollars, euros or Russian rubles. The total amount of the toll in foreign currency, is derived from the current rate of the Belarusian ruble.

System for automatic toll collection BelToll

System for automatic toll payment BelToll allows passing the toll gates without stopping the vehicle and is designed especially for drivers who use the toll highway Belarusian travel frequently. Iformation about the system BellToll visit

Information for persons with reduced mobility

On the official website, we could not trace any information by which it would be to ask for a discount on tolls for people with disabilities. If you know the way you can a discount for ZTP request, please share it via comments.

Information for drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

Since the drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, like the motorcycle drivers and vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes collected tolls on toll gates. Since the drivers of vehicles registered abroad may be at the border crossing road tax levied according to the length of movement on the territory of Bulgaria. More information, including authorized weight limits for trucks, buses and TIR is shown in

Belarus road map


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