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Tolls in Croatia are collected for the passage of motorway roads and can be paid directly at toll gates or through the on-board unit. The obligation to pay tolls for the use of motorways applies to motorcycles, passenger cars and vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t. For regular users is designed an on-board unit with ETC system for which can be obtained a 13 to 21% discount on tolls. The price of motorway charges for the planned trip can be determined with the help of an interactive map at the or

Approximate toll prices for several toll motorways

motorway / vehicle
A1: Zagreb - Zadar
253 km
€ 10.0
€ 16.5
A1, A6: Zagreb - Rijeka
135 km
€ 5.5
€ 9.2
A2, A1: Trakošćan (SLO/HR) - Split
444 km
€ 14.9
€ 24.8
A3: Zagreb Istok - Lipovac (HR/SR)
258 km
€ 10.2
€ 16.9

The toll price for your trip you can calculate in map with toll calculator

Toll payment in Croatia

  • - motorways with toll collection at toll gates
  • - calculation of toll price in route planner interactive map
  • - toll discounts when paying via ETC on-board unit
  • - ENC pre-paid from €60 - ENC device €15 and €20 min top-up (€57.5 toll with 21,74% discount)

Price categories for vehicles up to 3,5t

  • IA - motorcycles, motor tricycles and four wheeler motorcycles
  • I - vehicles with a height of up to 1.9 m with two axles
  • II - vehicles with a height of more than 1.9 m and vehicles with a trailer

Toll discount with an ETC on-board unit

The on-board unit with the ETC system allows, in addition to easier passage of toll gates, also to take advantage of toll discounts. ETC tariffs are divided according to the payment method, prepaid or monthly bill. For payment via ETC you can choose an account with discounts of 21% when prepaid toll, 33% for prepaid off-season account, 13% for additional payment and over 30% for vehicles above 3.5 t. The price of the toll unit is €15. The status of the ETC account can be viewed via mobile app or on

Tolls for vehicles weighing above 3.5 t

Tolls for vehicles with a maximum authorised mass exceeding 3,5 t shall be paid in the same way as for passenger cars, i.e. by manual payment at toll gates or by ETC system with on-board unit. The price category for determining the amount of tolls is derived according to the number of axles of the vehicle. Driving restriction for heavy goods vehicles are applied on some days.

Map of the Croatian motorway network


The toll prices can be determined with the help of an interactive map (view toll gates via toll/price list and choose selected places in toll calculator).

last updated on 23.1.2024

Frequently asked questions about toll in Croatia

How are tolls paid in Croatia?

Tolls are levied in the form of tolls that can be paid directly at toll gates on the motorway or via the ETC system with the on-board unit. Tolls are levied on all motorways in the country.

How to determine the price category of the vehicle?

In addition to motorcycles, there are two price categories for vehicles up to 3.5 t, which are divided according to the height of the vehicle, up to/above 1.9 m. The price category for vehicles above 3,5 t shall be determined by the number of axles.

Is it possible to get a toll discount?

Drivers who drive more frequently via Croatian motorways have the opportunity to use the on-board unit with ETC system and with it get about 20% discount on tolls. An account for payment via ETC can act as a pre-paid with a 21% discount or as a post-paid with a 13% discount. More than 30% discount is available for non-seasonal accounts and for vehicles above 3.5 t.

How to get an ETC on-board unit?

The ETC on-board unit can be purchased at one of the points of sale. Prepaid accounts are offered at a price from €60 including on-board unit (€15 on-board unit + €57.5 toll credit). The prepaid ETC account can be recharged via the, mobile application, sms or at the points of sale.

Is it possible to obtain exemption from toll payment?

The opportunity to obtain a Smart Card and with their vehicle use Croatian motorways free of charge have people with severe lower limb disabilities, people with 100% visual impairments and war veterans with severe physical disabilities. Detailed information on how to handle the Smart Card can be viewed at the

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