Motorway vignette Moldova - prices and validity of e-vignettes, toll roads

Road charges in Moldova are paid by means of an electronic vignette, which can be purchased at several lengths of validity on the Internet or at the MAIB bank branches. Vehicles for which it is compulsory to pay road charges include passenger cars, their trailers, trucks and buses, motorcycles are not included in the charging. The obligation to pay tolls by electronic stamp applies to the entire road network and applies only to vehicles not registered in Moldova.

Prices of electronic vignettes for Moldova for 2024

validity / vehicle
trailers for cars
trucks up to 3.5 t
1 day
€ 5
(one day)
7 days
€ 4
(7 days)
€ 20
(7 days)
15 days
€ 8
(15 days)
30 days
€ 16
(30 days)
€ 40
(30 days)
90 days
€ 45
(90 days)
€ 100
(90 days)
180 days
€ 85
(180 days)
181 - 360 days
€ 180
(181 - 360 days)
12 months
€ 400

Online sales of e-vignettes and prices for vehicles above 3.5 t and vehicles designed for transport of 9 or more people per

Map of the Moldavian motorway network


The entire road network in Moldova is charged, for vehicles registered outside Moldova is intended an e-vignette

last updated on 4.3.2024

What roads in Moldova are charged?

The entire Moldovan road network is charged. Vehicles registered outside Moldova are subject to an electronic vignette, which is mandatory for the entire road network in the country.

Where is it possible to buy an e-vignette for Moldova?

The vignette for payment of road charges can be bought on the Internet on the website with payment of any of the usual payment methods via MPay. Outside the Internet, electronic vignettes are on sale at the Moldova Agroindbank branches, which are also located at border crossing points.

How to determine the category of vehicle for the purchase of e-vignette?

Vehicle categories for determining the amount of fees are listed in the purchase form. The category for passenger cars is defined according to HS code 9703, for a trailer towed behind that vehicle it is necessary to have a second stamp of the same price category. Other categories are intended for vehicles up to 3,5 t designed for the carriage of goods, vehicles above 3,5 t and vehicles intended for the carriage of more than 8 persons.

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