In Switzerland it is necessary when passing highway and some road sections provide car vignette. Due to the relatively dense road network charging zones in Switzerland without vignettes probably can not do. In addition to motorcycles and cars up to 3.5t is to be valid sticker also mark the trailer / caravan. Highway sticker is available for drivers with only annual, or 14 months validity (1.12 - 1.31). If this state, you will drive the car over 3.5 tonnes, it is necessary to place vignettes border crossing to pay a fee for heavy vehicles. In addition to the charges for the passage of the motorway network in Switzerland is charged through tunnels Great Saint Bernard and the Munt la Scher.

Price vignettes in Switzerland for 2019

validity/weightvozidla do 3,5tover 3,5t
Annual40 CHFfee per vehicle type

Highway signs must be equipped with a trailer or caravan (up to 3.5 tonnes) see FAQ

Tunnel toll

In Switzerland, is charged passage of two tunnels leading to Italy and tunnel between Kandersteg and Goppenstein with train transportation vehicles. This is the Great Saint Bernard Tunnel, Munt la Scher leading to Livigno and Lötschberg between Kandersteg and Goppenstein. Prices tunnels divided according to categories of vehicles can be found in the table below.

Prices for crossing tunnels (winter 2018/19)

Tunnelmotorcyclescars up to 3,5tvehicles over 3,5twebsite
Great Saint Bernard18,30 CHF / €15,80 31,20 CHF / €26,90according to
Munt la Schera13,00 CHF / €12,0050,00 CHF / €45,00according to

Tunnels with train transporting vehicles (indicative prices)

Tunelmotorcyclescars up to 3,5tvehicles over 3,5twebsite
Lötschberg16,00 CHF22,00 - 27,00 CHFaccording to
Simplon15,00 CHF22,00 CHFaccording to
Oberalp65,00 CHF + passenger 11,80 CHF36,00 CHF / € 30,00according to
Vereina12,00 - 20,00 CHF31,00 - 42,00 CHFaccording to
Furka19,00 CHF25,00 - 30,00 CHFaccording to

Where to buy Swiss vignette?

Swiss vignette can be purchased at most consumer retail outlets such as customs offices at border crossings, Swiss Post, gas stations and other common locations.

Replacing the damaged highway stickers

In case of damage to the windscreen and the consequent impairment of vignettes, can ask for a refund. With the request, however, must be documented invoice for a new windshield and prove that for any damage vignettes not entitled to compensation for car insurance. For more information and an application for replacement of damaged highway signs, for example, may be filed in any of the offices at border crossings.

Exemption from payment of toll fees for persons with reduced mobility

Switzerland can not apply for exemption or relief from the purchase of vignettes, but a resident reindeer and a vehicle registered in Switzerland have the possibility to ask for exemption from the payment of road tax.

Road fees for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

Drivers of vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes instead of the vignettes required to pay tax on the use of road sections. The amount of this tax is derived from the weight of the vehicle type and length of stay in Switzerland. The minimum fee is 25 CHF. The relevant documents recommend to settle at the customs office at the border crossing. Additional information, including the charge rate can be found on official website (forms and FAQ in the right menu). It is also possible to use the toll payment system Tripon, which is compatible after registration with the Austrian system Go-Box.

Swiss road map


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# Rostislav 2017-02-10 17:18

I plan to drive a rented car from International airport of Geneva to Annecy in France.

Should I buy Swiss vignette in this case?

# Tomáš 2017-02-10 18:21
you can use toll roads map from links bellow and plan route without Switzerland vignette.
# Melody 2017-02-07 10:55
I will be driving from Innsbruck to St. Moritz. Looking at the map, it appears I do not need a Swiss vignette. Is that correct?

Thank you.
# Tomáš 2017-02-07 17:31
Switzerland road no. 27 is for free for passenger vehicles so you can go from Insbruck to St. Moritz without Switzerland vignette.
# Zuza 2017-01-03 08:17
My trip by road from Geneva to Bern then to Interlaken and finally to Lucerne. Rest for the night before proceed the next day to Vienna.The trip as follow:
Lucerne to Munich pass through Rosenheim, Salzburg, Gmunden, Amstten, St. Polten and finally to Vienna.

Please advise whether i need to use vignette or emission sticker. How much is the toll need to pay.
Thank you.
# Tomáš 2017-01-03 11:28
you'll need to buy vignette for trip in Switzerland (CHF40) and Austria (€8,90), in Germany are highways for passenger cars for free. About emission stickers i haven't good knowledge.