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Motorway charges are payable for the passage of most motorways and are collected at toll gates. The obligation to pay tolls for motorways applies to all motor vehicles from motorcycles to vehicles weighing above 3.5 t. Payment can be made with cash in euro, credit card or on-board unit, which thanks to GRITS interoperability can be used on all motorways. Toll roads include the Rio-Antirrio Bridge and the Aktio-Preveza Tunnel are shown on the map.

Indicative toll prices in Greece

motorway / vehicle
A.TH.E. Odos: Lamia - Athens
168 km
€ 7.70
€ 11.05
Aegean Odos: Thessaloniki - Lamia
255 km
€ 10.70
€ 15.40
Attiki Odos: Athens (Airport) - Athens (Elefsina)
42 km
€ 1.40
€ 2.80
Egnatia Odos: Typia - Komotiní
532 km
€ 14.40
€ 20.60
Ionia Odos: Ioánnina - Antirrio
164 km
€ 8.90
€ 12.75
Kentriki Odos E65: Trikala - Xiniada
73 km
€ 3.55
€ 5.10
Moreas Odos: Kalamata - Korinthos
132 km
€ 8.70
€ 12.95
Olympia Odos: Patra - Athens (Elefsina)
173 km
€ 8.20
€ 11.30

Fee prices for each toll gate are available on motorway's pages, links are listed in the sidebar.

Payment can be made in cash in euros, by credit card or on-board unit.

Map of the Greek motorway network


On the map are marked charged motorways, toll bridges and tunnels.

last updated on 19.2.2023

Frequently asked questions about toll in Greece

On what roads are tolls collected in Greece?

Tolls are levied for most motorways, the Rio-Antirrio Bridge and the Aktio-Preveza Tunnel. Tolls are paid at toll gates and can be paid in cash in euro, by credit card or via the on-board unit.

How do I find out the toll price for my vehicle?

The price of fees for travel through Greece can be determined only manually according to the toll price lists of the motorways, there is no official calculator of all fees. Links to toll information for each highway can be found in the sidebar.

How do I find out the price category of the vehicle?

Some motorways have different vehicle price categories than most, but category 1 and 2 always apply to motorcycles and passenger cars. For other types of vehicles the categories are determined according to the number of axles and the total height of the vehicle. A preview of the division of categories and toll prices can be found on the pages below the links in the sidebar.

Is it possible to pay for all motorways with one on-board unit?

On-board toll units are fully transferable between toll operators in Greece and can be used to pay tolls on all motorways in the country. Information on the GRITS - Greek Interoperable Tolling Systems can be found at the and

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