In the UK is charged passage of the M6 motorway, some tunnels, bridges and entrance into central London and Durham. Fees are collected at toll gates and can be paid in cash or by credit card or by fuel equipment for automatic toll payment. Persons with reduced mobility have the M6 motorway and the entrance to London and Durham able to ask for forgiveness payment of toll charges. For more information, including links to maps and road network can be found below on this page.

Congestion Charging in London and Durham

From drivers who have a car ride to London and Durham is at the entrance to the center of these cities levied named Congestion Charging. For motorcycle riders Entry is free. Information about congestion charging centers of these cities, please visit (London) and (Durham), If you are a person with reduced mobility, then we recommend that you read the section Exemptions. The entry of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes to London is regulated by rules LEZ.


If you're going by car from the British Isles to France is one of the fastest recovery Eurotunnel. It is about 50 km long tunnel that ran between Calais in France and Folkestone in England. With this tunnel you leave the vehicle quickly moved between France and Great Britain without the need for slow ferry. Indicative prices for transport through the Channel Tunnel can be found in the table below, for more information, including the possibility of booking on the web

Indicative prices for transport through the Eurotunnel

length of stayway thereway back
1 - 2 days£31,00£31,00
2 - 5 days£66,00£66,00

To obtain the best prices, we recommend before going to the site to make a reservation on

The price list only a few of the cheapest fares, the entire offer, please visit Eurotunnel website

Payment methods

The M6 motorway and the congestion of London and Durham in the United Kingdom can pay tolls conventional methods, using credit and fuel cards, cash or through an automated payment system Tag (M6) and Autopay (London). When paying tolls for bridges and tunnels may be some places accepted credit cards.

Automatic payment systems Tag and Autopay

For drivers who are with the car in the UK often move is a possibility to make toll payment through one of the automated payment systems. Automatic payment systems operate on the principle commonly used when the passage through toll gates scanned electronic on-board unit On-Board Unit. Counting the toll is then either deducted from prepaid credit or is within a predetermined period of time the owner an invoice for payment. For the M6 motorway is designed toll Tags and for entry into the London system Autopay. If you are looking for way to facilitate the payment of tolls for crossing bridges or tunnels, we recommend that you contact the operator of the field.

Discounts for persons with reduced mobility

For people with limited mobility applies to the M6 motorway and the entrance to London and Durham exemption from the obligation to pay the toll. Forgiveness takes place tolls on the M6 motorway, on the basis of ownership card MEP (Mobility Exemption Pass), details of the MEP tab, including information on how to ask for it can be found in pdf manual and on the website M6 - Exemptions. Information about forgiveness tolls for driving into London and Durham visit and section exemptions.

Information for drivers of vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes

For drivers of vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes pay toll payment at more or less the same rules as drivers of motorcycles and cars. Categories of vehicles, the majority (M6) determined according to the number of axles and height above the first axle. If you are going to London, then we suggest to study the issue low emission zone 2012, rule that in order to maintain clean air controls the entry of trucks and buses in London.

United Kingdom road map

Price list crossing bridges and tunnels

Most (tunel)passenger carcar with trailer
large van
Aldwark brigde£ 0,40£ 1,00
Batheaston bridge£ 0,60£ 1,20
Briwet bridge£ 0,40£ 0,70
Cartford bridge£ 0,40 £ 0,80
Cleddau bridge£ 0,75£ 1,50
Clifton suspension bridge£ 0,50£ 0,
Dartford tunnel£ 2,00£ 2,
Dunham bridge£ 0,30£ 0,
Humber bridge£ 1,50£ 1,
Itchen bridge£ 0,60£ 1,
Kingsland bridge£ 0,30 £ 0,30
Mersey tunnel£ 1,50£ 3,
Middlesbrough£ 1,20£ 2,00
Newport£ 1,00£ 1,
Severn river crossing£ 6,20 £ 12,
Severn bridge£ 6,20 £ 12,
Swinford bridge£ 0,05£ 0,10
Tamar bridge£ 1,50 £ 3,
Tyne tunnel£ 1,60£ 2,
Warburton bridge£ 0,12£ 0,12
Whitchurch bridge£ 0,40 £ 3,
Whitney-on-Wye tunnel£ 0,80£ 0,

Prices are approximate, may not be completely up to date.


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