Motorway toll United Kingdom - information on toll collection, list of toll bridges

Tolls are collected only for part of the M6 motorway near Birmingham and for some bridges and tunnels. On the Dartford Crossing, Mersey Gateway and Mersey Silver Jubilee bridges, tolls are collected via a free flow toll system without toll gates and charges are paid by mobile app, internet or at Payzone branches. A congestion charge is levied for entry to the London and Durham city center. For a journey from the European continent to the island of Great Britain, you can go via Eurotunnel or ferry.

Motorway M6 near Birmingham

motorway / vehicle
M6 toll: Cannock - Kingsbury
35 km
£ 3.40
£ 7.10

Payment at toll gates by credit card, fuel card or M6toll Tag on-board unit.

The price is for the whole section. Prices vary according to the time of day.

Eurotunnel train transport of vehicles between Calais and Folkestone

The Eurotunnel is a 50 km long rail tunnel under the English Channel that allows train transport of vehicles, cargo and passengers between Calais in France and Folkestone in the UK. Ticket price is based on the length of stay, varies from £60 to £150 per car each way, purchase in advance on

Overview of bridges and tunnels with toll collection

Fees for bridges and tunnels are in most cases paid at toll gates, on some bridges tolls are collected via a free flow system and are additionally paid via a mobile application, the Internet or at a Payzone branch. On small bridges, only payment via the coin vending machine can be accepted. Bridges and tunnels with links to presentations are drawn on the map.

location / vehicle
Aldwark Bridge
Batheaston Bridge
Cartford Bridge
Clifton Suspension Bridge
£ 1.00
£ 1.00
Dartford Crossing
£ 2.50
free flow system
Dunham Bridge
Eurotunnel (UK/FR)
€ 72.00
Humber Bridge
£ 1.50
Itchen Bridge
Kingsland Bridge
Mersey Gateway Bridge
£ 2.00
free flow system
Mersey Silver Jubilee Bridge
£ 2.00
free flow system
Mersey Tunnels
Kingsway & Queensway
£ 2.00
£ 2.00
Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge
£ 1.50
£ 1.50
Newport Transporter Bridge
Swinford Bridge
Tamar Bridge
£ 2.60
Tyne Tunnels
£ 1.90
Warburton Bridge
Whitchurch Bridge
Whitney Bridge
£ 1.00

Links to online presentations with detailed information can be found in the infoboxes on the map.

Map of the road network in the United Kingdom


The map shows the toll part of the M6 motorway and bridges and tunnels with toll collection.

last updated on 28.1.2023

Frequently asked questions about toll in United Kingdom

Which roads are tolled in Britain?

Toll roads include the 35 km section of the M6 motorway, which runs near Birmingham, and some bridges and tunnels. There is also a congestion charge for entering central London and Durham.

What are the toll payment options?

In busy places, tolls can be paid by credit card or fuel card, on smaller bridges only coins are accepted. There are no toll gates in places with Free Flow toll system and tolls must be paid additionally. Payment options are listed on the segment's online presentation under the links on the map.

How to pay charges for bridges with free flow toll system?

There are no toll gates on bridges marked Free Flow and tolls are paid via the mobile app, internet, telephone or Payzone branches. Failure to pay may result in a fine. Information about payment options can be found under the links on the map.

How to determine the category of vehicle?

Toll operators are not united in Britain, so the division of categories can vary for each location, especially for vehicles with trailers, vans and vehicles over 3.5 t. Motorcycles are free of charge in some places.

In what cases can an exemption from toll payment be obtained?

The possibility to obtain an exemption from toll payment varies for each toll section. Some people with physical disabilities and war veterans have the opportunity to obtain an exemption from toll payments for some toll sections. Toll discounts are granted for residents near some segments. Detailed information can be viewed on the presentation pages of the place.

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