Although Germany has a relatively large amount of high-quality motorway sections and tolls are obliged to pay only the drivers of vehicles with a weight of 7,5 tons above. Payment can be done after registration by an automatic system Toll Collect, over the internet or through terminals located directly on the motorway sections. For drivers of motorcycles, cars and trucks to 7,5 tons and buses passage of motorway sections in Germany for free. For more information, including maps, links to official sites and registration forms for the toll system can be found in the following paragraphs.

Vehicles for which it is necessary pay toll

As already mentioned, Germany toll is necessary to pay for a vehicle weighing 7,5 tons or more. An exception to buses, vehicles used exclusively for fun and circus activities, army vehicles, police, fire brigades and vehicles intended to alleviate the humanitarian aid or emergency. More information you can find on website

Prices for passage tunnels

tunnelvehicles with height over
first axles up to 1,3m
vehicles with height over
first axles over 1,3m
vehicles with 3 axles and
height over first axles up to 1,3m
vehicles with height up to 2mvehicles with height up to 2,6mvehicles weighing up to 12t

Payment method

Toll fees can be paid in three different ways. For drivers who are over 7,5 tons of vehicle passes more often designed system for automatic toll payment device with Toll Collect OBU (on-board unit). Another way to pay tolls for passage of a scheduled section is through the Internet and last option, designed especially for those who through Germany with 7,5 tons of car rides occasionally, payment of fees through the terminal.

Automatic payment system Toll Collect

For those who highway passes through Germany with the car over 7,5 tons more, ready for automatic counting system and toll payment through the system Toll Collect and OBU unit. To obtain must be firm and the vehicle is registered under the Toll Collect. After successful registration, the company receives a card for vehicle and equipment OBU (equipment must be installed by a service partner), it provides a means of GPS and GSM tracking and transfer traveled charging zones. Billing and subsequent monthly payment is a pre-selected payment method, ie credit card, using LogPay, by credit account or fuel card. The device can be based on service Toll2Go (after registration) used for toll in Austria.

Payment via the Internet

If you are going to pay a toll plan through the website, must have a valid registration with Toll Collect, can be performed within 3 days before the date of travel. Billing and payment is scheduled toll takes place twice a month through pre-selected payment method, ie credit card, using LogPay, by credit account or fuel card. The document, which will be issued when planning a route, the driver must have during the trip in case of inspection of the vehicle. In case you do not have a valid registration in the system Toll Collect, or you need to pay toll for the trip planned in less than three days, we recommend using manual payment terminal in the fee.

Payment of the fee terminal

Manual toll payment can be made on any of the roughly 3500 fee terminals placed at rest areas, petrol stations, garages and of course at border crossings. For successful payment must enter vehicle information (registered users may use the vehicle card), the term trip, starting and destination according to which the device automatically calculates the shortest path (of course, you can also enter a few clues during the journey). Payment of tolls calculated according to the specified parameters can be made by cash, fuel card, credit card, EC card method LogPay, by credit account or from AirPlus Road Account. The document that will be issued after payment is required to have a driver during the trip in case of inspection of the vehicle.

Germany highway map


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