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Motorway charges in Austria are levied for the passage of motorways and expressways, for passenger cars this fee is paid in the form of a vignette. Vignettes are on sale in austria in electronic and classic form of stickers with a validity period of 10 days, 2 months and 1 year. The vignette can be bought over the Internet as well as at common points of sale such as border crossings and petrol stations. There is also a charge for the passage of several tunnels and mountain passes in addition to motorways. Passage of toll tunnels and passes can be paid by common payment methods or with the help of a prepaid ticket or Toll Flex service. For payment of tolls for vehicles with a weight above 3.5 t is designed the GO Box electronic unit.

Austrian vignette prices for 2021

validity / vehicle
vehicles up to 3,5 t
10 days
€ 5.50
(ten days)
€ 9.50
(ten days)
2 months
€ 13.90
(two months)
€ 27.80
(two months)
€ 36.70
€ 92.50

The vignette can be bought online at, but only with the earliest begin of validity of 18 days from purchase.

The vignette can be bought in the form of a classic sticker at regular points of sale.

Tunnels and mountain passes with toll collection

Vehicles with a weight up to 3.5 t are also charged for the passage of tunnels and mountain passes in several places. There is a fee levied at toll gates and no need to have a valid motorway stamp. The payment can be made by cash, payment or fuel card, automatic payment Digital Section Toll Flex or online purchased ticket. In addition to a single-ride ticket or a season pass, a monthly pass can also be purchased for the A11 Karavanke and A13 Brenner.

Toll prices for tunnels and mountain passes for 2021

section / vehicle
passenger car
Arlberg tunnel
16.7 km
€ 10.50
Bosruck tunnel
8.9 km
€ 5.50
Brenner motorway (AT/IT)
34.3 km
€ 10.00
Gleinalm tunnel
14.2 km
€ 9.50
Karawanken tunnel (AT/SL)
9.9 km
€ 7.50
Katschberg tunnel
8.5 km
€ 12.50

Length of the charged parts is indicative. There is usually only one toll gate for a given part. Online purchase of prepaid ticket at

Charged sections with prices are plotted in the map below.

Tolls for vehicles with a total maximum weight of more than 3,5 t

GO Box toll unit is designed for the payment of toll for motorways and expressways for vehicles with a weight above 3.5 t. Toll price category is determined according to the emission class and the number of axles. Driving restrictions apply for some times for vehicles weighing over 3.5 t, this aims to reduce noise levels at night and lighten road traffic at the weekend.

Map of the Austrian motorway network


Motorways and expressways are highlighted on the map, most of which are tolled.

Current toll roads map is available at

last updated on 26.12.2020

Frequently asked questions about Austrian vignettes

1) Is it necessary to have a motorway vignette for a journey to Austria?

Motorway vignette is mandatory for motorcycles and vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t on motorways and expressways in Austria. In addition to motorways, there is a charge for the passage of some tunnels and passes, for which a fee is levied at the toll gates. A map with highlighted toll roads, tunnels, passes and places exempt from charging is available at

2) What are the lengths of validity of vignettes?

Vignettes are sold with a validity of 10 days, 2 months and annual. For a 10-day stamp, the begin of validity date indicated on the vignette is calculated as the first day of validity, 2-month is valid until the same calendar day in the second month after the begin of validity. Annual vignette is valid from 1st December of the year preceding the year to 31st January in the year following the year of validity, i.e. a total of 14 months.

The e-vignette can only be purchased with the begin of validity after the expiration of the online purchase return period, with the nearest begin of validity 18 days from the purchase. Possible begin and end of validity can be determined at

3) Where to buy an Austrian vignette?

The vignette can be bought in the form of a sticker at common points of sale such as petrol stations, car clubs, some car repair and newsagents. e-Vignette can be purchased online, but only with the next begin of validity 18 days from the purchase.

4) What vignette for a car with a trailer?

One vignette is sufficient for a vehicle with a total maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 t with a trailer for journey on the Austrian motorways. Information on vignettes for vehicles with trailers is available in the FAQ at

5) It is possible to request the replacement of damaged vignette?

Annual motorway sticer can be replaced in cases of damage to the windscreen or its loss. Request for vignette replacement is made by sending the completed form to the address of ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH, the application documents can be downloaded at the bottom of the toll sticker page. Validity of the electronic vignette can be verified at

6) How to pay charges for the passage of toll tunnels and mountain passes?

The vignette is not required for the passage of some tunnels and mountain passes, but a toll charges for passage are levied at the toll gates. At the toll gates is possible to pay in cash, by payment or fuel card, or use the Internet and buy prepaid ticket, annual subscription, or use the service for automatic payment Toll FLEX.

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