If you are going by car passing through Austria, as well as in the Czech Republic for transit motorways and certain roads for motorcycles and cars up to 3.5 tons must have a valid vignette. Highway sign Austria is available in three different lengths of 10 days, month and year. While the annual toll sticker is valid for 14 months beginning force from 1 December of the previous year. In the event that the Austrian motorway going with vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes, it is required to provide a toll device called Go-Box. Detailed information on highway signs, prices, lengths and force the correct location and also the toll system, see below on this page.

Austria vignettes for year 2020

validity/weightmotorcyclesup to 3,5tover 3,5t
10 days€5,40€9,40toll
2 months€13,70€27,40toll

Usefull information

Places with a collecting of special toll

In addition to the fee for the vignette in Austria is the passage of certain road sections charged another fee that can be paid when passing through the toll gates, possibly for a flat fee to use the card with one year validity. Charging involves several tunnels and road section at the Brenner Pass. Detailed schedule of fees for individual segments can be found on official website. Here is a list of those sites that are for clarity also entered into the following map.

In addition to the locations listed below is charged even the passage of some mountain paths, roads and tunnels. List of large quantities of these sections can be found at the bottom of this page.

Price transit additionally charging zones

card/sectionA 9 Pyhrn GleinalmA 9 Pyhrn BosruckA 10 Tauern KatschbergA 13 BrennerS 16 ArlbergA 11 Karawanken
One passage€ 9 € 5,50€ 12,00€ 9,50€ 10,00€ 7,40

For passage individual toll section you can buy single trip ticket or use prepaid tickets - digital section toll

Karavanke tunnel

Karavanke tunnel, the tunnel is located at the border crossing between Austria (A11) and Slovenia (A2). Its passage is burdened fee starting amount of €7,40 for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.

Korridorvignette for A14 (no longer valid)

For the passage of the A14 motorway in the section between the border crossing with Germany and exit at the town Hohenems can instead use the classic vignette called. Korridorvignette. It allows vehicles up to 3.5t without stretch of highway stickers ride for the price of 2 EUR one way or costs EUR 4 per round trip. Validity Korridorvignetty for this stretch of the A14 motorway is 24 hours. Vehicles with vignette section may ride free of the charge.

Sale of Austrian motorway signs

Highway sign Austria can be purchased at most usual places, mainly gas stations. In the Czech Republic can buy 'em in certain establishments ABA and ÚAMK - Yellow Angel and some Czech post offices. A complete list of official places where there are stickers on sale, is described on the site asfinag.at.

Highway sign for persons with reduced mobility

Persons with reduced mobility in Austria have the right to use vignettes free, this advantage is probably only valid for vehicle owners residing in Austria (not enough ZTP). Detailed information on this issue should be to trace the web asfinag.at.

Toll for vehicles over 3.5 tons

For vehicles over 3.5 tonnes is charging motorways passing through the toll facilities Go-Box. It is a way of automatic payments and the calculation of tolls without decreasing the speed of the vehicle. Tolls are charged according to mileage and individual tariffs are derived according to the Euro emission class. The device, which is necessary for reading toll is drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes for hire for a fee of EUR 5. The exact tolls according to the emission classes and individual road sections we recommend to read go-maut.at. GO-Box is compatible with the Swiss system Tripon (after registration) and through Toll2Go with the German Toll Collect.

Map of highway sections in Austria

Passage of places marked with arrow is charged an additional fee.

Alpine passes and mountain sections of tolling

section/vehiclemotorcyclespassenger carnotewebsite
Achensee Seeuferstraße € 3,00 € 5,00may - octoberachensee.info
Ackernalm, Thiersee€ 2,20€ 3,50may - october 
Aflenz Bürgeralm Panoramastraße € 5,00 € 9,001550 - 1810 mbergfex.at
Bannberger Alm, Leisach€ 5,00€ 6,00may - october 
Bergstraße Farrenau, Grünau im Almtal € 10,00  
Bleckwandstraße, Strobl, Wolfgangsee € 5,00  
Dachsteinstraße, Ramsau€ 6,00 passenger€ 6,00 / € 2,80 childrentoll free when use cable carsrvb.at
Eichat-Halltal, Absam/Hall in Tirolfor free€ 4,00  
Erlsbach-Oberhausalm, St. Jakob im Defereggental€ 2,00€ 5,00červenec - září 
Felbertauernstraße€ 10,00€ 10,00930 - 1750 mfelbertauernstrasse.at
Filzmoos - Hofalmen Mautstraße€ 2,00€ 4,501057 - 1268 m 
Gaishorn am See Mautstraße € 6,00  
Gastein Alpenstraße, Bad Gastein€ 4,00 / passenger 1588 mgastein.com
Gerlitzen Alpenstraße € 8,00 austria.info
Gerlos Alpenstraße€ 5,00 / day€ 8,00 / denmay - octobergerlosstrasse.at
Großglockner Hochalpenstraße€ 22,00 / day€ 32,00 / den grossglockner.at
Hinterhornalm, Gnadenwald€ 4,00€ 4,50may - november 
Hinterstoder – Höss-Panorama Road € 7,00 car + driver+ € 4/€ 3 passenger/children pyhrn-priel.net
Hinterriß „Mautstraße in die Eng“€ 1,00€ 2,00may - october 
Höhenstraße Steinplatte, Waidring € 8,00  
Höhenstraße zur Klosterneuburger Hütte € 5,00  
Hochwechselstraße, Mönichwald € 4,00  
Kaibling Höhenstrasse € 6,00 traumrouten.com
Kalser Glocknerstraße, Kals am Großglockner€ 4,00€ 9,00november - may for freekals.at
Kauntertaler Gletscherstraße, Feichten-Weißseeferner€ 12,00€ 22,002750 mkaunertaler-gletscher.at
Kemater Alm, Grinzensfor free€ 3,00may - november 
Kitzbüheler Horn Panoramastraße, Kitzbühel€ 3,00€ 6,00+ € 3,00 passenger/refundable in spend for foodkitzbuehel.com
Kolm Mautstraße, Pinzgau € 3,50  
Kolm Saigurn, Rauris€ 3,50   
Kreithof-Dolomitenhütte, Tristach/Osttirol€ 4,00€ 6,00may - october 
Kurzer und Langer Grund, Kelchsaufor free€ 4,00april - novemberkaunertaler-gletscher.at
Lofer, Höhenstrasse Loferer Alm € 7,50630 - 1425 m 
Loser, Salzkammergut Panoramastraße, Altaussee€ 5,00€ 15,00 loser.at
Malta Hochalmstrase€ 8,20€ 16,00may - octobernationalpark-hohetauern.at
Maria Kirchental, St. Martin bei Lofer€ 1,80€ 3,40634 - 879 m 
Maria Waldrast, Matrei am Brenner€ 1,50€ 4,00april - october 
Naturschutzgebiet Kaiserbachtal – Griesener Alm, Kirchdorf€ 0,70€ 2,50april - november 
Neuberg an der Mürz, Schneealpenstraße € 5,00  
Nockalmstraße€ 8,00€ 15,00 nockalmstrasse.at
Pertisau-Falzthurnalm-Gramaialm€ 2,50€ 3,50may - october 
Planaistraße € 10,50 planai.at
Planneralm Panoramastraße    
Postalmstraße, Abtenau, Strobl€ 4,00€ 9,00 alphomes.at
Rettenbachferner-Tiefenbachferner-Ötztaler Gletscherstraße, Sölden€ 5,00€ 16,50april - december 
Roßfeld Panoramastraße, Bad Dürrnberg€ 3,50€ 4.60 / car + driver + € 1.9 passengerrossfeldpanoramastrasse.de
Rottenmanner Tauern, Edelrautehütte € 3,00 / person  
Schiesslingalmstraße€ 6,00may - octoberaustria.at
Schlegeis Alpenstraße€ 7,50€ 11,50may - octoberverbund.com
Sillup Mautstraße, Gasthof Wasserfall-Silluppspeicher € 6,50may - october 
Silvretta Hochalpenstrase€ 11,00€ 14,00may - octobersilvretta-bielerhoehe.at
Spielbergstrasse, Krispl-Gaissau € 7,00700 - 1258 maustria.at
Steirischer Bodensee € 7,60  
Stuhleckstraße am Pfaffensattel€ 3,00€ 5,001782 malpenpass.com
Tauplitzalm Alpenstraße, Bad Mitterndorf € 9,80 ausseerland.at
Thurn-Zettersfeld, Lienz€ 2,00€ 6,00may - november 
Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße€ 12,00 / € 14,00€ 14,00 / € 18,00 oneway/ returntimmelsjoch.com
Trattberg Panoramastraße€ 2,00€ 4,00851 - 1256 mmembers.aon.at
Umballfälle, Prägraten am Großvenediger € 5,00may - october 
Unterer Grund, Kirchberg€ 2,00€ 4,00may - october 
Villacher Alpenstraße€ 8,00€ 14,00 villacher-alpenstrasse.at
Windautal, Westendorf€ 1,00€ 3,00in winter for free 
Wochenbrunner Alm, Ellmaufor free€ 4,00may - october 
Zillergrund - Tirol - Alpenstraße€ 4,00€ 7,00may - octobertirol.at
Zillertaler Höhenstraße€ 4,00€ 7,002020 maustria.at

Prices are approximate (from years 2008-2012). List probably not complete (data from the Internet). Search using Ctrl + F.


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# Adam 2016-10-31 16:21
Was in Austria in May, received the ticket in September. I can't read German. How do I go about paying the ticket in the USA? Any advise would be great!
# Tomáš 2016-11-01 18:38
please try contact from ticket. Information about austrian toll in english you can find on http://www.asfinag.at/home-en
# Salem Alenezi 2016-09-14 23:37

I have visited Austria twice because im staying in Munich for vacation for the first day i didn't put the sticker but in the second day in Munich at the gas station i was notified about the sticker. How can i know whether im fined or not or how can i solve this out ?

# Tomáš 2016-09-15 08:46
you can try send question through mail from official website asfinag.at.

# jordan 2016-09-01 13:36
I bought an Austrian vignette and I was still fined €120 very recently simply because I did not read the _very_ small print on the label stating that if the vignette is not stuck on the windscreen (detailed instructions must be followed) it is invalid! These instructions are not advertised widely and they are assumed to be known by everyone. It did not help that I could produce proof of purchase etc. The traffic inspector was extremely rude and aggressive. We were threatened with a wheel clamp (€1200 to take off) and the fine felt like a daylignt and state sponsorred recket. I will never buy even a bottle of water again on Austrian soil. The distance from Germany to Hungary is 4.5 to 5 hours and the people in both of those countries are much more polite and considering.
# Purger 2016-07-21 22:54
If it happens that you got on the highway without the vignette,take the first gas station on the highway, or first exit from highway,and get your self one.

They are sold on all highway gas stations!
-1 # Joey 2016-07-12 12:37
I have recently been told that I required a sticker on my car windshield when driving along toll roads in Austria
I did not have a sticker
Can I pay for the cost of the ticket before I receive a fine?
# Tomáš 2016-07-12 20:46
I have not any information how to pay "toll" after passing highways without valid highway vignette.