Motorway toll North Macedonia - information about toll collection, toll roads map

Tolls are levied on the A1 and A2 motorways leading from the capital Skopje to more distant parts of the country. Motorway tolls are paid at toll gates and can be paid in cash or by credit card. The categories of vehicles for determining the toll price are determined according to the height of the vehicle above the first axle and the number of axles, the categories and prices of tolls for motorcycles are not determined.

Indicative toll prices in North Macedonia

motorway / vehicle
vehicles with 2 axles
and height above the front axle up to 1,3 m
vehicles with 3 and more axles
and height above the front axle up to 1,3 m
A1: Skopje - Gradsko
55 km
180 den
270 den
A1: Skopje - Kumanovo
16 km
100 den
140 den
A2: Skopje - Gostivar
50 km
70 den
100 den

Toll prices for other vehicle categories and a breakdown of prices for each segments can be viewed at the

Map of the motorway network in North Macedonia


Motorways with toll collection are drawn on the map. The location of the toll gates is plotted on the toll plazas map at the

last updated on 25.2.2023

Frequently asked questions about toll in North Macedonia

Which motorways in North Macedonia are charged?

Tolls in North Macedonia are paid for parts of the A1 and A2 motorways. The A1 motorway runs south from the northern part of the country around the capital Skopje, and the A2 motorway runs west from Skopje. Toll motorways are drawn on the map.

What are the toll payment options?

Tolls are paid at toll gates, where cash and credit cards are accepted.

How do I find out the price category of the vehicle?

The categories of vehicles for determining the price of tolls shall be determined by the number of axles and the height of the vehicle above the first axle for which the limit value is 1,3 m. Passenger cars belong to the lowest price category, for motorcycles toll prices are not set.

For which vehicles is the possibility of exemption from toll payment?

Exemptions from toll payments are available to persons with certain types of disabilities, vehicles accompanied by police, some state administration vehicles, Red Cross vehicles, firefighters, funeral vehicles and several others listed in the rules. The exact wording of the rules and the address for submitting an application for approval are listed at the

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