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Toll system is used for charging motorways in France, thanks to which fees are paid when passing through toll gates on the motorway. Tolls for the use of certain tunnels and bridges are levied in the same way. In addition to classic payment methods such as cash, credit card or electronic unit, a free flow system can be used on several motorways and tolls can be paid without stopping with a mobile application. A price category of vehicles shall be determined by the height, number of axles and total mass of the vehicle. To facilitate payment a Liber-t electronic unit is available for regular motorway users and thanks to interoperability Italian Telepass units can also be used for payment.

Indicative prices of motorway charges in France

motorway / vehicle
A1, A26: Paris - Calais
289 km
€ 14.80
€ 24.30
A4: Paris - Strasbourg
488 km
€ 26.30
€ 42.80
A6, A7: Paris - Marseille
776 km
€ 39.90
€ 66.10
A6, A7, A36: Strasbourg - Montpellier
799 km
€ 38.10
€ 64.30
A10: Paris - Bordeaux
585 km
€ 36.40
€ 59.10

To determine the price of tolls for a journey through France, you can use the route planner on

Toll collection in France

  • - tolled motorways, some tunnels and bridges
  • - payment at toll gates in cash, by payment and fuel card or via on-board unit
  • - on several side routes is under way a free flow system with payment via mobile app.

Price categories of vehicles up to 3.5 t

  • - motorcycles
  • - vehicles with overall height of up to 2m
  • - vehicles with overall height from 2m to 3m, vehicles with trailer
  • - vehicles with overall height of more than 3m

Motorways with free flow toll system

In several places, the Free Flow toll system is in operation, i.e. the collection of fees without toll gates. After passing the toll motorway, it is necessary to pay online, via a mobile app or an on-board unit.

Free Flow toll system is currently installed on the A4 Boulay, A10 Tours Nord, A79 and A837 Tonnay-Charente, test run on the A311 Dijon Sud, A36 Fontaine. Free flow is scheduled to launch on the Paris-Normandy motorway A13, A14.

Eurotunnel train transport of vehicles between Calais and Folkestone

The Eurotunnel is a 50 km long rail tunnel under the English Channel that allows train transport of vehicles, cargo and passengers between Calais in France and Folkestone in the UK. Ticket price is based on the length of stay, varies from €72 to €180 per car each way, purchase in advance on

Information for vehicles weighing more than 3,5 t

Tolls for vehicles with a maximum authorised mass of more than 3,5 t shall be paid in the same way as for passenger cars, directly at the toll gates by one of the common payment methods. Vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of more than 7.5 t are prohibited on some days, a list of restrictions can be found on

Map of the French motorway network


Map shows the motorway network and toll bridges and tunnels. Toll price can be calculated on

Toll charges for motorways is collected at toll gates. On several motorways, there is a barrier-free toll collecting with payment via mobile phone (free flow).

Overview of tunnels and bridges with toll collection

bridge - tunnel / vehicle
Duplex A86
Eurotunnel (UK/FR)
€ 72.00
Mont Blanc Tunnel (FR/IT)
€ 36.40
€ 55.00
Périphérique Nord Lyon
€ 1.20
€ 2.40
Tunnel de Puymorens
€ 4.20
€ 7.20
Tunnel du Fréjus (IT/FR)
€ 36.40
€ 55.00
Tunnel Maurice-Lemaire
€ 3.80
€ 6.30
Tunnel Prado Carénage
€ 3.10
€ 3.10
Tunnel Prado Sud
€ 2.50
€ 2.50
Pont de Normandie
€ 0
€ 5.80
Pont de Tancarville
€ 0
€ 2.70
Viaduct Millau
€ 6.00
€ 12.50

Toll bridges and tunnels and their prices are shown on the map.

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Frequently asked questions about toll in France

How do I find out the toll price for a journey through France?

Tolls in France are levied for the passage of motorways and some tunnels and bridges and are paid directly at toll gates. Price of tolls for the planned journey can be easily determined on the route planner from, or with help of interactive price list on

How to determine the price category of a vehicle?

The price category of the vehicle shall be determined by the height of the vehicle, the number of axles and the maximum permitted mass. Passenger car, as well as a car with a trailer, belongs to the second cheapest category after motorcycles, namely vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t with height of up to 2 m. For vehicles with a maximum authorised mass of more than 3,5 t are established two categories, namely vehicles with two and three axles or more. Overview of vehicle categories is available on

How to pay toll in France?

Tolls can be paid at toll gates using common payment methods, i.e. cash, payment or fuel card, or via the Liber-t on-board unit. There is a Free Flow system in operation in several places, which does not allow payment at toll gates and it needs to be done with the help of a mobile application, automatic payment via Liber-t or over the Internet.

Is it worth it to acquire a Liber-T on-board unit?

The main advantages of the Liber-t on-board unit (distributor e.g. are its validity on the entire French motorway network, smoother passage through toll gates with dedicated lanes marked t, a detailed overview of the sections passed and the possibility of choosing a tariff. On-board unit for Italian Telepass toll system can also be used to pay tolls in France.

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