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Motorway charges are paid by means of an electronic system that senses the passage through the toll gates and for the payment of tolls and successful passage through the toll gate, the car must be equipped with an HGS tag or OGS on-board unit. The obligation to pay tolls via HGS tag or OGS unit applies to all categories of vehicles from motorcycles to vehicles above 3.5 t. Toll roads include most motorways, bridges and tunnels located on them, leading from the western borders to the capital Ankara and further south-east.

Options for payment of motorway tolls in Turkey

Tolls in Turkey are paid through a system that senses the passage of a vehicle at the toll gates. The vehicle must be equipped with an HGS tag or OGS on-board unit for successful payment and passage through the toll gate.

HGS (Fast Passing System) - tag in the form of sticker or card

  • - sale of tags at petrol stations, PTT Turkish Post branches and bank branches
  • - operation in prepaid mode - top-up at purchase, at points of sale or via the Internet
  • - automatic payment operation - in cooperation with a PTT account or one of the cooperating banks
  • - tag prices: HGS tag in the form of sticker ₺5, HGS tag in the form of card ₺15
  • - HGS tag is non-transferable, intended for one vehicle only
  • - overview of account balance at the

OGS (Automatic Passing System) - on-board unit

  • - gradual transfer to payments via HGS tag
  • - similar options as for the HGS system
  • - price of OGS on-board unit approx. ₺40

Map of the Turkish motorway network


The motorways are strongly marked on the map, tolls are collected on most of them. The KGM map is available for download in pdf format.

last updated on 12.3.2023

Frequently asked questions about toll in Turkey

How are tolls collected in Turkey?

Tolls are paid for the passage of most motorways and some bridges and tunnels. Tolls are paid when passing through toll gates and only through an HGS tag or OGS on-board unit.

How do I find out the price of a toll?

There is currently no official price calculator available on the Internet or a complete price list for all motorways in Turkey. Price lists for some motorways are available on the site under the links in the sidebar.

How do I find out the price category of the vehicle?

In addition to motorcycles, two categories are established for two-axle vehicles, which vary according to the distance of the front and rear axles with a limit value of 3,2 m. For vehicles with more than two axles, the price category shall be determined by the number of axles. A category-split drawing is available on the page Araç Sınıfları Nelerdir? at the

Where to buy HGS tag and recharge credit for toll payment?

The HGS tag as a sticker or card can be purchased at selected petrol stations, PTT Turkish Post branches, some mobile operators and some banks. The credit can be recharged at the points of sale or via the Internet at the

Unpaid toll supplement

If you pass through the toll gate without paying, it is necessary to make an additional toll within 15 days. If the amount is not paid within 15 days, the supplement may be charged several times the price of the amount and at a greater time interval, including the expenses of the lawyer. Account management and contact information in case of problems with payment with HGS tag can be found at the

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