In Ireland, drivers of motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks obligation to pay road tolls for passage of some highways and bridges. Fees are collected at toll gates where you can pay in cash and some credit cards as well. For those who pass through toll roads are often ready devices for automatic toll payment. In the event that you are traveling in Ireland with vehicles adapted for transporting persons with reduced mobility, you have the right to a card which entitles the driver to pass the toll free sections. More information about tolls in Ireland can be found below on this page.

Method of toll payment

At all toll sections can pay tolls in cash at toll gates and through the eToll. Some M4 motorway and the Dublin Port Tunnel to a credit card. If, despite the toll stretches in Ireland traveling more frequently, we recommend using one of the devices for the automatic toll payment.

Automatic systems for toll payment

Tolls on the motorway sections in Ireland back several companies, mainly for this reason there is a situation around the system for automatic selection and payment of road tolls somewhat more complicated. However, there is introduced eToll system who cares about portability or interoperability of different systems. Overview of electronic systems that can be used for automatic payment, visit

Discounts from tolls for persons with reduced mobility

In Ireland, persons with reduced mobility to transport use specially modified vehicles, to apply for an ID card that allows passage through the toll road sections for free. The card is recognized by all operators toll in Ireland. For more information visit

Information for drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

For drivers of vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes tolling applies the same rules as drivers of motorcycles and cars. Breakdown of vehicle categories and prices for passage of individual sections can be found in the tables above.

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