In Italy, as in Spain or France, nearby passage of charged motorway sections, tolls are in transit, toll collected at toll gates. In addition to this toll, which is designed for drivers of motorbikes and cars, but also for drivers of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, can be levied for the passage of some tunnels whose list can be found below on this page. If you are traveling through Italy often, you can either use an automatic payment system Telepass, payment by credit card or prepaid card Viacard. Information about the toll, links to the calculator and current price lists can be found below on this page.

Prices transit toll tunnels

In Italy there are several tunnels whose passage is charged. This is essentially a tunnel located at the border crossing between France and Italy. An overview of these sites, including prices for passage can be found in the table below.

Tunnel toll prices 2018

Tunnel Vehicles up to 3,5t
with height over first
axles up to 1,3m
and overall height up to 2m
Vehicles up to 3,5t
and height 2 - 3m
over 3,5t
location website
Grand St Bernard Tunnel€26,90€41,80€15,80dle EURO
Monte Bianco Tunnel
(Mont Blanc)
€43,50€57,60€28,80dle EURO kat.A5 (E25)
Munt La Schera Tunnel€34/45€34/45€12,00dle EURO
Tunnel du Frejus
(Frejus Tunnel)
€45,20€59,80€29,90dle EURO kat.A32 (E70)

* further information and prices for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes on official websites

Open and closed toll roads

In Italy, you may come across two different kinds of toll. It is a closed and open toll system.

In the case of open highway toll system is a fee paid right at the entrance gate and the toll is deducted from the total length of the paid section, not the distance traveled (motorway section can leave before the end). These include sections: A8 Milan-Lakes or A12 Rome-Civitavecchia.

Closed toll system prevails in Italy. With this type of charging tolls are levied until the second toll gate you come across when leaving the paid highway section. In the case of a closed toll system to pay tolls only for passage sections that you really went through.

Payment methods

Highway toll in Italy can pay several conventional methods. Among the tourists most commonly used include the payment in cash and payment by credit card. Other options, designed especially for those who frequently use the Italian highway, prepaid cards Viacard and Telepass automatic payment system.

Prepaid Viacard

One way to pay tolls is to use a prepaid card Viacard, which can be purchased at most consumer sales outlets as gas stations, tobacconists, snack Autogrill, some banks etc. Viacard Prepaid cards can be used for the payment of tolls on all toll sections in Italy and are available in denominations of 25, 50 and 75 Euros.

Automatic payment system Telepass

Telepass automatic payment system is suitable for all those who pay highway sections in Italy are more frequently. It is a wireless device for recording and subsequent payment of toll motorway sections crossed. A huge advantage of the device is the fact that the toll gates is not necessary to completely stop, just slow down to 30 km / h. System for automatic payment of toll fees Telepass can be established at locations Punto Blu, certain contractual banks, Italian post offices and last but not least online. For more information on Telepass including sales outlets, instructions for installation and approaches to online invoicing can be found on the official website

Additional payment of unpaid tolls

In the event that any of you will drive through toll gates without paying, it is possible to pay the difference either online or in person at some highway toll gate. For more information regarding additional payment of unpaid tolls visit Missed toll payment.

Relief from payment of toll fees for persons with reduced mobility

The possibility of a request for a discount on tolls for persons with reduced mobility nor any related information is not traced on the official website. It is more than likely that persons with reduced mobility traveling through Italy by car must pay tolls in their entirety.

The toll for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

For vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons tolling applies the same rules as for motorcycles and vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. Price for passage of toll motorway sections depends on the vehicle category and segment lengths paid (according to the type of paid segment - open vs. closed). Distribution of categories of vehicles, the guide prices for selected sections and a link to the official website of the toll calculator can be found at the top of this page.

Italy road map


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