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Motorway charges in Italy are collected in the form of tolls, which can be paid in cash, by payment or fuel card, directly at the toll gates. Tolls are collected not only for cars and trucks, but also for motorcycles. Tolls are also levied for the passage of some tunnels. On the Pedemontana Lombarda motorway north of Milan, a free flow system is used for the collection of motorway charges and after its use tolls have to be paid additionally. The Telepass on-board unit and Viacard prepaid cards are available for regular motorway users to facilitate payment. When leaving the toll motorway without payment, you need to make a surcharge at one of the toll gates or via the Internet.

Toll payment in Italy

  • - tolled motorways and several tunnels on the border with France and Switzerland
  • - payment at toll gates or via the Telepass on-board unit
  • - price categories for vehicles up to 3.5 t according to the height of 1.3 m above the first axle and the number of axles/trailer
  • - when leaving the motorway without paying the toll, it is necessary to make a surcharge

Indicative toll prices for some motorways

motorway / vehicle
A1: Milano - Rome
556 km
€ 41.90
A1, A14: Milano - Bari
865 km
€ 64.40
A4, A23: Tarvisio - Venezia
224 km
€ 18.20
A10, A26, A7: Sanremo - Milano
269 km
€ 25.50

Motorway charges for a journey through Italy can be calculated on

Toll price for motorcycles are the same as for passenger cars.

Toll tunnels in the Italian Alps

Several tunnels are built at the border with neighbouring states in the Italian Alps in the northern part of the country. For the passage of these tunnels a tolls are levied. An overview of the tunnels and the price of passage with a passenger car can be found in the table below and on the map.

tunnel / vehicle
Brenner motorway (AT/IT)
€ 11.00
Great St. Bernard Tunnel (IT/CH)
€ 18.50
€ 31.00
Mont Blanc Tunnel (FR/IT)
€ 36.40
€ 55.00
Tunnel du Fréjus (IT/FR)
€ 36.40
€ 55.00
Tunnel Munt la Schera (IT/CH)
CHF 11.00
CHF 29.00

Tunnels including toll prices are drawn in the map at the bottom part of the page.

Unpaid toll supplement

In case the driver with the car leaves the toll road without payment at the toll gate, the toll for the distance paid must be paid either at one of the toll gates or via the Internet. Tolls for the A36 Pedemontana Lombarda motorway with free flow system must be paid similarly. For details, see the Unpaid tolls page at

Tolls for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t

For vehicles with a maximum permissible weight over 3.5 t, you can pay in the same way as for passenger cars, i.e. in toll gates or via an electronic toll unit. For vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of more than 7.5 t, motorway restrictions apply for some days. Information for drivers can be found on the Trucks page at

Map of the Italian motorway network


Map with route planner and toll price calculation for Italy can be found at

last updated on 28.1.2023

Frequently asked questions about toll in Italy

How are motorway charges paid in Italy?

Extensive motorway network in Italy is tolled via a toll system, allowing tolls to be paid in cash, by payment, prepaid or fuel card directly at the toll gates. For regular motorway users is designed the Telepass electronic on-board unit. Motorway map and toll price calculator can be found at

How can I determine the price category of a vehicle?

Two categories are laid down for vehicles with two axles, for motorcycles and vehicles with a height of up to 1,3 m above the first axle and the second for vehicles with a height of more than 1,3 m above the first axle. Price categories for larger vehicles and cars with trailers are determined by the number of axles and can be viewed at

What are the payment options for regular motorway users?

In addition to common payment methods such as cash and a payment card, can also be used a prepaid Viacard and electronic unit Telepass, which is compatible also with toll systems in France, Spain and Portugal. An overview of payment methods can be found at, information on the Telepass unit at

How do I pay tolls on the A36 Pedemontana Lombarda motorway?

North of Milan on the A36, A59 and A60 motorways, fee collection works with the help of a free flow system with no toll gates for payment. Tolls can be paid using a mobile application, Telepass unit, or additional payment via the Internet. The location of motorways with free flow toll system is drawn on the map above, more information can be found at

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