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Tolls are paid on several motorways running across the country and for the Moscow Ring Road. Fees are collected at toll gates where payment by cash, credit card or on-board unit is accepted. Its height and number of axles are decisive for determining the price category of the vehicle. Motorways are also tolled for motorcycles that are included in the same category as passenger cars. Tolls for motorways vary by period, outside weekends and from midnight to 7am morning are the fees cheapest.

Indicative toll prices for Russian motorways

motorway / vehicle
M1 Belarus: Moscow - Smolensk
456 km
M3 Ukraine: Moscow - Troyebortnoye (RU/UA)
510 km
M4 Don: Moscow - Novorossiysk
1835 km
M11 St. Petersburg: Moscow - St. Petersburg
669 km
M12 Vostok: Moscow - Orechovo-Zujevo
76 km
A-113 CRR: Moscow - Ring Road
336 km
A-105: Moscow - Domodedovo
22 km

The cheapest toll is charged on weekdays and from midnight to 7am.

Tolls are not levied for the entire length of motorways, map of toll gates location on

Map of the russian motorway network


An overview of toll roads can be found at and

last updated on 14.3.2023

Frequently asked questions about toll in Russia

How does toll collection work in Russia?

Tolls are paid for motorways M1 - Belarus, M3 - Ukraine, M4 - Don, M11 - St. Petersburg, M12 - Vostok, A-105 - Moscow Domodedovo and A-113 Central Ring Road. Fees are levied at toll gates that are not distributed along the entire length of motorways, tolls are not collected for the entire length of motorways. Map of toll roads is available on and

Which are the options for paying motorway tolls?

Tolls can be paid by cash, credit card, via on-board unit, prepaid card for the selected toll gate or prepaid ticket for the Central Ring Road. When using CKAD without payment, the toll must be paid additionally online.

How are vehicle categories determined?

The categories of vehicles for determining the toll price shall be determined by the height of the vehicle and the number of axles. The lowest category, which includes cars and motorcycles, is limited by a vehicle height of up to 2 m and a maximum of two axles. Overview of category breakdowns in the price list.

What are the benefits of paying via on-board unit?

Payment via the on-board unit operates on the basis of a pre-charged account, the toll gate can be passed without stopping and a discounted price is charged when paying the toll. The on-board unit can be purchased at distribution points for a price from 2500 ₽. The on-board unit can be used for toll payment at all toll gates in Russia thanks to interoperability.

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