Motorway toll Portugal - information about toll collection, payment options

Motorway toll in Portugal are collected at toll gates and apply to all types of vehicles, i.e. motorcycles, cars and vehicles with maximum permitted weight above 3.5 t. Toll roads in Portugal are divided according to payment method, on some motorways manual payment is allowed and it is possible to pay toll by cash or credit card, in other cases notorway fees can only be paid automatically with the help of EasyToll system, Via Verde on-board unit, prepaid Toll Card or unlimited 3 day Toll Service card.

Indicative toll prices for some motorways

motorway / vehicle
A17: Lisboa - Porto
289 km
€ 21.10
€ 21.10
A2, A22: Lisboa - Faro
303 km
€ 23.80
€ 23.80
A23: Vilar Formoso (ES/PT) - Lisboa
339 km
€ 19.75
€ 19.75
A3: Valença (ES/PT) - Porto
117 km
€ 9.55
€ 9.55

Tolls for your journey can be determined with the help of calculator and map.

Breakdown of toll payment methods in Portugal

Portuguese motorways are divided into two types according to the method of toll collection, i.e. motorways where drivers are allowed to pay tolls manually and motorways for which tolls have to be paid by one of the automatic method. An overview of payment options can be viewed on, an overview of the division of motorways is available in the form of map.

Manual Payment

  • - Cash & Payment cards - issuers and currencies are not specified
  • - Via Verde - payment system with onboard unit (for rent with deposit for temporary use)

Automatic Payment

  • - EasyToll - payment card associated with vehicle licence plate
  • - Via Verde - payment system with onboard unit
  • - Toll Card - prepaid card (€5, €10, €20, €40)
  • - Toll Service - card for 3 days unlimited journey (vehicles with up to 2 axles or 1,1 m above first axle)

Tolls for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t

For vehicles with a maximum authorised weight of more than 3.5 t apply the same charging rules as for passenger cars, i.e. division into motorways with the possibility of manual toll payment and those where only the EasyToll, Via Verde on-board unit or prepaid Toll Card can be used for payment.

Map of the Portuguese motorway network


The division of motorways by method of payment is drawn on the map.

last updated on 25.2.2023

Frequently asked questions about toll in Portugal

How tolls are collected in Portugal

Motorways in Portugal are divided into those with manual payment and those on which it is possible to pay only by one of the automatic payment methods. For better orientation in the look at the map or leaflet (old).

How to pay tolls on a short-term visit to Portugal?

If there are only motorways with Manual Payment on your route, tolls can be paid in cash, by credit card or by Via Verde on-board unit. On motorways with Automatic Payment is the easiest way the EasyToll system, i.e. assigning a credit card to the vehicle license plate. Another option is the Via Verde on-board unit, or a prepaid card that, like EasyToll, is tied to the vehicle's license plate.

What are the advantages of the Via Verde on-board unit?

The Via Verde on-board unit can pay tolls for all motorways in Portugal and as Via Verde Visitors is also available for tourists. In addition to the toll that is charged from a payment card, you need to deposit €27.50 and there is a €6 fee for the first week and €1.5 for the following weeks.

What toll price category does my vehicle belong to?

Vehicle categories are divided according to the height above first axle and the number of axles. Motorcycles and passenger cars with height up to 1,1 m above first axle belong to first price category. Vehicles with two axles and a height above 1,1 m belong to second price category.

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