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Motorways in Poland are charged through the toll gates system for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t. Motorway tolls are paid either directly at toll gates by credit card or cash, or via a mobile app or on-board unit. Toll motorways for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t include the three main motorways A1, A2 and A4.The collection of tolls in Poland is provided by several companies, where the main difference is in the possibilities of payment for passenger cars with a trailer and for vehicles weighing over 3.5 t.

Indicative toll prices for some roads

motorway / vehicle
A1: Rusocin (Gdańsk) - Nowa Wieś (Toruń)
29.90 zł
29.90 zł
A2: Świecko (DE/PL) - Konin
84.00 zł
84.00 zł
A2: Konin - Stryków (Łódź)
5.00 zł
9.90 zł
A4: Mysłowice (Katowice) - Balice (Kraków)
12.00 zł
24.00 zł
A4: Bielany Wrocławskie (Wrocław) - Sośnica (Gliwice)
8.10 zł
16.20 zł

The table shows toll prices for the entire toll sections, i.e. when passing the first and last toll gates.

Toll collection for motorways and expressways in Poland

Charges for vehicles up to 3.5 t are paid at toll gates where one of the manual payment methods can be used.

Tolls for motorways for vehicles up to 3.5 t

  • - charged motorways A1, A2, A4 (links on the map)
  • - tolls can be paid at toll gates by cash, credit card or on-board unit
  • - for some operators, payment via a mobile app or prepaid card is possible
  • - toll parts of motorways are managed by several different companies

Tolls for motorways and expressways for vehicles over 3.5 t

  • - in addition to the A1, A2 and A4, some expressways without toll gates are charged via e-Toll (formerly ViaToll)
  • - on roads with e-Toll, vehicles over 3.5 t must be paid via the on-board unit or mobile app
  • - the rules also apply to vehicle combinations with a total maximum authorised mass of more than 3,5 t

Tolls for cars with trailers and vehicles weighing over 3.5 t

For vehicles with a maximum permitted weight of more than 3.5 t, not only motorways are charged, but also most expressways. Toll collection on expressways and some motorways is provided by the national company e-Toll, toll collection on other parts of motorways is provided by private companies. The difference between operators is payment options, i.e. the possibility to pay directly at the toll gate, or the need to use a onboard unit or mobile app to pay tolls.

On roads belonging to the e-Toll network, a vehicle with a total maximum permitted mass of more than 3.5 t must be paid via a mobile app or on-board unit. On motorways managed by private companies, manual payments at toll gates can be used. On-board units vary from motorway to motorway.

Map of the Polish motorway network


On the map are highlighted toll roads for vehicles up to 3.5 t, data from the

last updated on 11.6.2021

Frequently asked questions about toll in Poland

Which roads in Poland are tolled?

For vehicles up to 3.5 t and motorcycles, the A1, A2 and A4 motorways are tolled in Poland. For vehicles with a total weight of over 3.5 t, in addition to motorways, tolls are also collected for some expressways that fall under the e-Toll system.

How to pay motorway toll in Poland?

Motorway charges are collected in the form of tolls, which can be paid in cash, by credit card or by fuel card directly at the toll gates. Some parts can also be paid via the mobile app (A1 AmberGo, A4 Autopay and e-Toll) or a prepaid KardA4. For regular users and on roads under the e-Toll system, an on-board unit or mobile application is intended for payment for vehicles above 3.5 t. Toll collection in Poland is provided by several companies and on-board units are not compatible with each other.

Is it possible to get a discount on toll?

For regular motorway users is intended payment via the on-board unit, for which a discounted toll price is set. Discounted toll prices can currently be obtained on the A4 motorway using A4Go.

What price category does a car with a trailer belong to?

The breakdown of the categories for determining the toll price shall be carried out according to the total maximum permissible mass of the vehicle and, in the case of a car with a trailer, this value shall be taken as the sum of the maximum permissible masses of the vehicle and trailer. On roads with e-Toll system toll for vehicles over 3.5 t must be paid via an onboard unit or mobile application.

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